Trick-or-treaters … Halloween 2014

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????The treats are ready and by the door.


??????????Jack-o-lantern holiday lights are on to brighten up the dark night.

??????????What is Halloween without a jack-o-lantern?




??????????Friendly scarecrow, a gift from a friend …

??????????… as well as our own “Monster Mash” Frankenstein, also a gift from a friend.

??????????All ready and waiting….


??????????Grilled cheese …

?????????? … and homemade Brunswick stew.

It’s Halloween night, October 31, 2014 … and we are ready for trick-or-treaters to visit. Earlier in the week the forecasters thought perhaps we would have some wintry precipitation but that has pretty much been changed to cold temps and some rain during the overnight hours.

The lights are on, the jack-o-lantern is lighted, candy is by the front door, and it’s a cool 48 degrees with possible rain later in the evening. Bring on the little ghosts and goblins!

5:45: Our first customer! A little contemporary cowgirl, about 12, who was polite and said thank you before heading back toward the street.

5:50: A neighbor and her two younger ones from up the street stopped by — treats for all! While Mom and I stood and talked politics (I forgot my Ed Gillespie pin was still on my sweater so we discussed that campaign), the girls waited politely before wandering up the driveway. We finally waved good-bye and said we’d see each other at the polls on Tuesday.

6:30: With my parents here, we sat down to dinner on this chilly evening — Brunswick stew and grilled cheese English muffins.

7:50: Hallmark is beginning their Christmas movies tonight at 8:00. Guess what we’re going to do! With my parents, we’re going to snug in and watch a movie.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
October 31, 2014

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One thought on “Trick-or-treaters … Halloween 2014

  1. Joe Garber says:

    Did you know that pumpkins make good ol hog feed. If, you have many left over perhaps drop by the Frontier and give their hogs a good feed! joe garber

    My people won the race for the most part. We really need leadership these days. Even in Augusta Co.

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