Lee Talley: ‘I am a dad and I’m voting for Ed Gillespie’

Lee TalleyBy Lee Talley

There have been many, many wonderful endorsements of Ed Gillespie over the last few days. Former Presidents and other folks of stature and success have all told us how they feel he is the man to be our next Senator in Virginia. I’m not somebody famous or someone of great political or cultural stature. I am one thing even greater than President in my eyes. I am a father; I am Dad!

I am dad to the greatest privilege and hero I know in one Mr. Harry Talley. My son struggles daily with Autism. He’s come a long way since first being diagnosed. Many families in the Commonwealth of Virginia also struggle with this epidemic. It now affects 1 in 68 children in the United States.

I endorse Ed Gillespie for one reason alone. He stands for the opportunity for my son. He leads on issues. He wants to see the ACA reformed so it becomes valuable healthcare for all. When other Republicans stayed away from reform he tackled it head on. Ed has a plan. He is willing to step outside the ideological box to find a way to make government work for families. He’s studied some really great policy initiatives that will directly impact Harry’s life and the many others struggling. Some of these things include: Undiagnosed Diseases Act of 2013 and the Preserving Access to Orphan Drugs Act of 2013.

Ed has shown what real Republican leadership looks like. He will leave no option on the table. We need him in Washington DC. My son and the other children struggling with Autism and many other disabilities need him and his voice in the United States Senate. Please Join me in supporting Ed and vote for him this Tuesday November 4th.

My name is Lee Talley and I am a Dad and I’m voting for Ed Gillespie on Nov 4th.

Also posted at Ed Gillespie for Senate.


Proud Republican Activist and self styled Last Progressive Republican in Virginia. More importantly Autism Warrior Dad to Harry Talley. Served in the McDonnell Administration as a member of the Virginia Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program http://www.vabirthinjury.com/ and Past 2nd Senatorial District Legislative Chairman and 3rd Congressional District Treasurer.

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