Election 2014: Americans want national security

American flag 4By Lynn R. Mitchell

America tends to fall asleep between terrorism attacks. Then events lead to a reawakening and national security moves to the top of the list of concerns.

It would appear security played a big part in Tuesday’s Republican victories. Republicans are seen as the party of hawks. On Tuesday, the hawks swept into office by taking over the US. Senate and padding their margin in the House.

Americans are concerned about ISIS. Beheadings. A president who addressed Jim Foley’s beheading and then went golfing 15 minutes later.

In Election Day exit polls, 72 percent of voters said they are afraid of a terrorist attack.

Then there’s Ebola. While some on the left tried to belittle those on the right who expressed concern about a dangerous, potentially fatal disease, the reality was that all Americans were deeply concerned. Joe Scarborough related how he heard from liberals all over Manhatten who said they couldn’t believe a doctor who tested positive for Ebola had been running all over the place out in public after returning from Ebola-infected areas in Africa. After cases showed up in America, the lack of response from Washington caused people to express concern that may have helped drive Tuesday’s elections.

“Voters are furious,” long-time political journalist Cokie Roberts passionately explained. Americans want to feel they are being protected, that the president cares, and that they can trust the government to put policies in place to prevent a health epidemic and keep terrorists out of the country.

Indeed, security played a big part in Tuesday’s red tsunami.


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