Guest post: ‘3 things the hard right and tea party really need to understand about Republicans’

Becky BoydstunBy Becky Boydstun
Guest Post

There are three things the hard right and tea party really need to understand about the Republicans, explained by a proud  generational member of the Grand Old Party.

1. We are not “The Establishment” or “RINOs,” and you are not “The Base.”  We are THE Republican Party founded in 1854.  The Tea Party is a MOVEMENT that began inside our party sometime between 2007-2009, and if anyone must be referred to as a “RINO,” it’s the members of this movement, because they seemingly have a strong dislike for most of what occurs within our party.

In 1854, the Whigs that were against slavery didn’t solve the problem by calling the others WINOs. Instead, they courageously founded the Republican Party.  That is what a Republican does.  We don’t run our mouths, shut things down, and see how many problems we can cause.  We find solutions, because we are honored when we look at the American flag and sing the National Anthem knowing that throughout history men and women fought and still fight for The United States of America, not The United States of “our” America!

2. You have convinced yourselves that your hard right agenda is what the American people want.  Look, you had success in 2010, but surely by now you know why.  Your full agenda had not been uncovered.  Everyone thought you were just fiscal crusaders, period!  Then once the layers of the onion started to unfold, your ideas left everyone in tears.  Didn’t these last primaries prove that the majority of the American people just aren’t interested in what you have to offer?  They want things to get done in Washington.

We live in a country where people vote for all different kinds of candidates.  The other side of the aisle has just as much of a responsibility to their constituents as ours does to us.  There has to be compromise.  If we get most of what we want, we win!  Your brand doesn’t want most, you want 100% every time!  That isn’t how our government works.  If our Founding Fathers wanted things to be that way, they would have written into the Constitution that, once the majority is decided, everyone else can go home until the next election.

3. This one is the most important!  I guess you are still a little raw about Mitch McConnell crushing Matt Bevin in the primaries, because the Republican Party couldn’t even close election night before you started pecking away with seething articles questioning whether or not he and the Republicans have the ability to get certain things done. These include things like repeal Obamacare, make the IRS pay for going after the tea party, stop Obama’s executive orders, stop the EPA, etc. The list goes on and on, but there is a huge problem here.  You are way out of line even beginning to think you have the right to put any demands on our party because we are in this mess because of you in the first place!  If it wasn’t for you and your 100% single-mindedness, “if I don’t get my way I’m just going to sit home and not vote,” Mitt Romney would be our President and we wouldn’t have the IRS scandal, VA scandal, EPA regulations ruining jobs, Obamacare, Obama’s executive orders, racial divisions, Justice Department scandals, horrible relations with Israel, ISIS, Russia taking over Crimea and now Ukraine, Iran closer to a nuclear weapon, Syria gassing civilians, Turkey refusing to talk to us … this list goes on and on as well.

You made your bed by NOT VOTING!  We don’t want to listen to you cry about how uncomfortable it is, and you most definitely don’t get a say in how the adults in the room clean up all of these disasters!  We have managed to put 18 Presidents in the White House without you, more than any other party.  It could have been 19 until you came along!  So you need to be honest with yourselves, because it’s all rhetoric when you say how much you love America, and the Constitution, because if you look at the state our country is in, it’s 100% on the shoulders of every one of you who sat home on election day 2012 refusing to pull the lever for Mitt Romney because he wasn’t “conservative” enough for you.  You might not have liked his stance on abortion 20 years ago in Massachusetts, but if you can’t realize that when you’re up against the probability of such things as I listed above that it was an irresponsible reason not to vote, then personally I find that nothing short of irrational.

Becky Boydstun lives in Texas and authors the blog My Southern American Opinion with the byline, “When there are three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket, something’s got to change!” She adds, “I love news! I must know what’s going on at all times … maybe it’s the Southern in me. I always have an opinion about it, and sometimes it’s too strong to keep inside, so I blog about it.  The internet is a beautiful place so that is why I am certain Al Gore did not invent it.  I am a true red Republican, and I feel like we must do all we can to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t have her way and censor all of us good ole’ people right off of here! My hubby either loves me keeping him up on the latest or is great at pretending, and I have two of the best kids that I am indoctrinating just as I was by my daddy.  I am from North Florida, and now live in Texas. Being a diehard Gator fan, with the greatest memories of sitting in Ben Hill Griffin stadium with my dad and the same booster friends every year, I had to go to college there. So I studied entomology at the University of Florida because it was the only science program they would accept me in.  I lived in Chile for over a year doing missionary work where I had to learn Spanish fast because there wasn’t one English-speaking person to be found.  I’ve done various work with the Republican Party.  One of the most notable was flying to Pennsylvania to campaign for George W. Bush’s second election.  I live in the greatest country on earth!”

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7 thoughts on “Guest post: ‘3 things the hard right and tea party really need to understand about Republicans’

  1. Donna Holt says:

    What the author of this article either doesn’t realize or doesn’t acknowledge, is tea party folks by in large, DID support Mitt Romney and many DID knock on doors. In my unit, and many others have told me the same, no one EXCEPT tea party members bothered to turn out to door knock for Republican candidates. Perhaps her experience is different in her unit and it’s a shame but it’s not the case in my unit and many others I am familiar with. You don;t have to agree with me, but don;t vote to exclude me as a qualified voting delegate to a convention or to be part of the process. I haven’t EVER voted to slate and never will. What is important is fairness. I have a s much right, as a Republican, to my opinion as anyone else and my vote should count, as well.

    • Eric McGrane says:

      Donna: she got off the rails right at the beginning when she suggested that the tea party began “inside her party”. With that level of fundamental misunderstanding, all assertions to follow have to be suspect.

  2. Mike Van Fossen says:

    Great article with some right on insights and with humor added as well. There should have been no misunderstanding from anyone who can read with comprehension? Yes there are obvious exceptions in members of every group. The Tea Party has always had some great members as well as misinformed members, intellectually lazy members and foot stomping self described “true conservative members.” For all those Tea Party members with great intentions, I salute you! Remember this, there are Block Parties, Tupperware Parties, Garden Parties and Birthday Parties BUT there are only two main POLITICAL Parties, we call them the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. (Yes there are other political parties but 95% of all who are elected are a R or a D.) Thanks Lynn for bringing a new voice forward for us to read!

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