Veterans Day 2014: Their sacrifice enables our freedom

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Today we honor those who have sacrificed to enable our freedom.

At, two of our contributors are veterans. Today we thank them for their dedication to God and country. Contributor Daniel Cortez is a Marine Vietnam veteran who was wounded in 1970 and was decorated for extraordinary heroism in combat. Managing editor Kurt Michael is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers veteran. My husband, a Southeast Asia-Vietnam era Air Force veteran, is flying American flags in front of our home along with the POW-MIA flag, a reminder of those who did not come back.

Grandfathers, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors … heroes surround us.

As then-Governor Bob McDonnell, himself a U.S. Army veteran, noted in 2012, “The sacrifice of these heroes and their families makes it possible for us to continue to live and to freely pursue our dreams here in the greatest nation this world has ever known. Freedom is not free. Our brave veterans remind us of that every day. … I urge all Virginians to once again renew our pledge to all of those who are serving and have served: an eternally grateful Commonwealth and country stand forever ready to serve you. … We can’t just stop and recognize our heroes on one day. We must recognize them, serve them, and thank them every day. Our liberty depends upon their sacrifice.”

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2014: Their sacrifice enables our freedom

  1. Paul Galanti says:

    Thanks, Lynn. Like everything else you say you’re right on. We veterans appreciate it…


  2. On this Veterans Day and every day we thank you for your service and are humbled by your sacrifice, Commander. May we never forget….

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