Gillespie relays story of Bush #41 respecting office of Bush #43

George W. Bush 47 with GHW BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Talk to any of the Bush alumni and they are full of stories about their time in service to the White House. Today on Facebook, Ed Gillespie relayed just such a story that happened during his time in the Bush #43 White House, and it had to do with Bush #41.

Ed Gillespie wrote:

With President George W. Bush’s new book about his father coming out, I want to share this memory from my time in the White House.

About a month before leaving office, President Bush 43 gave the commencement address at Texas A&M’s winter commencement. President George H.W. Bush has his presidential library at A&M, so the event was also a family reunion of sorts for both presidents. After the speech, President Bush 41 rode to the helicopter pad in the presidential limo with President Bush 43 to say goodbye.

I was seated directly across from President Bush 43 on Marine One that day, and as we were taking off he tapped me on my knee and pointed out the window. “Look at Dad,” he said.

I looked out to see President Bush 41 standing at full attention, leaning forward into the hurricane-like winds being kicked up by the helicopter’s rotors, dust covering his suit as his right hand braced himself against the hood of the limousine and a secret service agent stood behind him ready to catch him in case he was literally blown over.

“He’s paying respect to the office,” the sitting president noted.

I still get goose bumps.

One of the many stories of this remarkable family of public servants to America.

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One thought on “Gillespie relays story of Bush #41 respecting office of Bush #43

  1. Joe Garber says:

    Thanks for posting this piece on the Bushes! joe

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