7th Annual Salisbury Turkey Waddle

??????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

It was a wet race this year in Salisbury subdivision in Midlothian for neighbors who participated in the 7th Annual Turkey Waddle, a 5K course held on Thanksgiving Day through the neighborhood beginning at Salisbury Presbyterian Church. A shorter, two-mile route is popular with parents with small kids or babies in strollers, grandparents, and those walking dogs. The begin at the church on Salisbury Road, then down Starcross, onto Kingslynn, and right onto Kingsmill Road and back to Salisbury Road and the church. Last year there were 900 runners who ended the race with hot chocolate and cookies to start their Thanksgiving Day.


??????????Mom and son …

??????????… and another mom and son.

??????????This little fella was chugging along …


??????????… while this one sat back and enjoyed the ride.


??????????A scooter was the perfect way to slay the two-mile course.


??????????Another great way to sit back and take in the scenery, powered by dad’s running feet.








??????????The end of this year’s Turkey Waddle. Now they have extra room for the big dinner. Gobble gobble!

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