Let’s raise the level of debate and the integrity of our cause

Benjamin DessartBy Benjamin Dessart

While I normally do not give such articles much consideration, the editorial written by the Daily Caller and promoted by Tom White is the most appalling editorial I have read in my time engaged in conservative politics.

Not only are the accusations implied here heinous and logically flawed, they are written (and promoted) in the name of journalism. This article is not news. This article is not journalism. In fact, it is an affront to journalism. Journalists hold themselves to a set standard of morality aimed at promoting the truth, no matter where it may lead them. This article is without the standards of common decency, never mind a standard of journalistic integrity. Such writing is not only deceitful, but it is manipulative, cold, and designed to promote a singular result: for the reader to hate someone.

I ask you, is this how we want the younger generation to view our party? Are these the values that drive conservatives? Democrats sure seem to think so. And considering this article, can we blame them?  I would like to raise the level of decorum in how we act and define ourselves. I would like to see us rise above tabloid sensationalism and basic manipulation. This article detracts from the substantive good that conservative governance can achieve while giving ammunition to our real opponents.

Thus, I encourage you to join me in condemning articles such as these and show the world what Republicans are really about.

See also Daily Caller and Virginia blogger stoop to new low regarding UVa ‘Rolling Stone’ article.

Benjamin Dessart is a life-long resident of Henrico County where he attends the University of Richmond’s T.C. Williams School of Law. An active member of the Republican Party, he serves as Henrico GOP’s Brookland Magisterial Chair, Secretary of the University of Richmond College Republicans, and Western Vice-Chair for the Greater Richmond Young Republicans. Benjamin has served as Regional Political Director for Pete Snyder in 2013 and Deputy Political Director for U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. He can be reached at dessartbs@gmail.com.


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