The right-of-center war on John Boehner

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The war on John Boehner began before the November elections and is continuing as we head into the new Congress. The local Republican Party units, aligned with the tea party — indeed, the Augusta County unit chair who is also the State Central member is married to the director of the Shenandoah Valley Tea Party Patriots — have been urging Boehner’s removal for months, echoing the message of other far right-of-center voices who are more impressed by Senator Ted Cruz’s shut-down-the-government efforts than the pragmatic leadership of less showy representatives.

Over at World Net Daily, they are advertising a $29.95 we-do-it-all deal to call for Boehner’s removal. Joseph Farah’s commentary noted that he received literally “hundreds” of emails when he asked for reaction to unseating U.S. House Speaker John Boehner. Not thousands, mind you … not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands … hundreds. Two hundred? Three hundred? For a nationwide campaign, that is not much of a gauge but for $29.95 he will take care of it all so you don’t have to lift a finger:

Just compare the price and time commitment of an individual participating in this campaign versus a do-it-yourself effort or one of the old-fashioned fax or phone campaigns. There’s simply no comparison in price, time commitment and, most importantly, effectiveness.

Even Blue Ridge Forum has weighed in on the dump Boehner band wagon, accusing the Speaker of “enabling Obama to transform America:”

Last evening the Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner put flesh and blood on the phrase “bi-partisan ruling class.”

He did so by openly working with a skilled revolutionary who is president of the United States to secure House passage of a massive appropriations bill called the Cromnibus.

He then pointed at what he called the “Beltway Republicans” and accused them of not having conservative principles, a familiar theme that falsely accuses those who don’t walk lockstep.

Then there are the petitions urging signatures to dump Boehner that are circulating throughout the internet and social media.

And the Republican civil war continues….


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5 thoughts on “The right-of-center war on John Boehner

  1. Pete Nelson says:

    The fallout from Ted Cruz’s “shutting down the government” in 2013: a landslide sweep of the 2014 mid-terms for the Republican party. This is evidence that the country yearns for conservatism. It concerns me, Lynn, that the tone of your article is that low-tax, small government conservatives are “far right-of-center.” If JFK were alive today he’d be more aligned with the Tea Party than self-proclaimed “main stream” Republicans of today. What has happened to the Republican Party? Why do people think we have to be in the “center” to get elected? Look at what happened with our last two Milquetoast presidential candidates – they couldn’t beat a far-left, inexperienced community organizer. Compare that to what happened when a real conservative challenged Milquetoast Cantor. The American people are ready for real conservative leadership.

    Please stop perpetuating that Cruz shut down the government. The government did not “shut down” – that phrase is the emotionally-potent commentary of the left-leaning media – and Cruz is no more responsible than a judge is of a criminal ending up in jail.

    Boehner has the opportunity for real leadership. He needs to step up, not for the Republican Party, but for the USA.

    Respectfully (you know I’m sincere in that, Lynn),


    • Pete, you sound like you’re drinking the tea. Anyone who calls Eric Cantor “milquetoast” doesn’t know what he did for his district, Virginia, and the country. There is no way JFK would be aligned with the tea party; even Ronald Reagan would not be conservative enough for them.

  2. Pete Nelson says:

    “Drinking the tea”… I don’t know what to say, Lynn. Like “drinking the Kool Aide” it indicates a closed mind. I don’t think you meant it that way.

    More of the same is just not going to get it done. More Boehners, Cantors and Grahams are not going to tackle the difficult but necessary tax and entitlement reforms or reduce federal over-reach. They all take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, not to make sure their districts or states get their share of the harmful, unconstitutional and unsustainable federal government bloat. It’s going to take statesmen/women. I’m just afraid that the Republican playbook is to stay just to the right of the Democrats, no matter how far left that takes the party. I think anyone who is intellectually honest has to admit that the “center” has moved pretty far left over time. It’s time, and the people are ready, for a correction. Vilifying the Tea Party and other conservative voices within the GOP is not constructive.

    Thanks for the opportunity for expression,


    • Pete, I’m truly curious as to your reasons for calling Congressman Cantor “milquetoast.”

      We disagree in the way leadership should behave. Stomping of feet and demanding “my way or the highway” does nothing for this country. Leadership involves communication and sometimes compromise, much like a marriage where it involves give-and-take with our spouse to make it work.

      Losing elections has often happened because of those who take their ball and go home, as happened with Romney (he was a RINO, he was a Mormon, he was a moderate, etc etc etc). Same with McCain. Unless you’ve actually been involved with boots on the ground, it’s difficult to know all the background that’s at play in all of this.

  3. Pete Nelson says:

    I met Eric during his initial run for Congress. I was impressed and he had my strong support for a long time. My perception started to shift after he voted for TARP – twice – in ’08. He got slapped for it, rightly so, and subsequently sniffed the political wind before taking a stance thereafter. I continued to support him because he moved to the right afterward, but it bothered me. I felt that he had become more of a politician than a statesman but there was no viable alternative. Floyd Bayne’s ideals intrigued but there was no way he was going to win an election. When Dave Brat came along I was presented with a fresh conservative candidate who was unfettered by the debt of political favors. I met Dave at the home of a mutual friend soon after he started his campaign and I had a chance to speak with him at length. To me he was a better choice and I felt he was electable. I have no second thoughts about my decision to support him.

    My point is that, like most conservatives, it’s not “my way or the highway.” That’s a phrase borrowed from the commentary of the Left to vilify conservatives, particularly those white, racist, radical Tea Party extremists who think that the Constitution should mean something (oh, my!). It was not the Tea Party who stayed home in 2012, it was the uninspired independents who consider middle-of-the-road as more-of-the-same. People want a leader who is more than “I’m not Obama (or Hilary).” I voted for McCain and Romney because they were better choices than Obama and I’ll vote for Jeb because he’ll be better than Clinton or Warren. But ultimately that vote won’t reduce the size of government or curtail the welfare state or end harmful federal meddling in agriculture or education or social engineering or the myriad other programs that our tax dollars already can’t support. I’m hoping for an inspirational candidate who can get us back on the path toward the Shining City on a Hill. It wasn’t that long ago that the GOP presented such a candidate and the country enjoyed almost two decades of prosperity as a result

    C’mon, GOP. Don’t be afraid. Embrace your conservative side. Name calling and negative generalizations only help perpetuate the nanny state we live in today.

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