Brat took $10,000 donation from Boehner, then voted against him

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Not only did Dave Brat vote for John Boeher before he voted against him (see Brat voted for Boehner before he voted against him), he also was happy to pocket the Speaker’s $10,000 donation to his campaign and then proceed to kick him in the teeth, so to speak, by not voting for him in Tuesday’s election for Speaker of the U.S. House. In my book, that raises some serious trust issues with this representative.


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5 thoughts on “Brat took $10,000 donation from Boehner, then voted against him

  1. Donna Holt says:

    You can’t buy loyalty – it’s earned. Boehner would have earned more loyalty with a vote against CRomnibus or at least allow a vote to amend it. Where was Boehner’s loyalty to the people who cried foul on ObamaCare and entitlements for illegal immigrants? CRomnibus funded BOTH!

  2. G.Stone says:

    He was smart to take the speakers money. Btw the speaker made a donation , brat did not steal the money it was given freely.

  3. […] fellow Shenandoah Valley political blogger Lynn Mitchell wrote a piece lamenting the fact that John Boehner donated $10,000 to Representative Dave Brat’s campaign […]

  4. Chris B. says:

    Why did Boehner spend $10K on a safe R race?

  5. John Dixon says:

    If a man’s principles are worth less than a used car he’d be pretty pathetic. Amazing someone would consider this an issue.

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