The pen is mightier

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Terrorism 1 power of pen

I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I am a blogger. There is a difference. My sister is a journalist. She went to school to learn her craft, earning her Master’s Degree in Journalism, and that led to internships around the country where she earned a reputation as an excellent writer. Her writing has taken her from Denver to New York to snowy Alaska to the capitol building in Austin to the White House in D.C. And, finally, her talents with a pen led her to Paris.

Journalists around the world felt the pain of what occurred in Paris earlier this week when 12 writers, editors, and cartoonists were savagely gunned down by extreme radical Muslim terrorists in a violent showing of religious intolerance. Thousands took to the streets in France the day after the attack and many, as pictured above, held pens in the air as a symbolic example of the famous quote, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Cartoonists worldwide showed united defiance as they drew illustrations befitting the senseless tragedy.

Paris not afraidIn the midst of the huge French crowds were words read around the world: “Not afraid.”

On Wednesday my sister posted the top photo on her Facebook page with the remarks, “Protestors in Rennes, France, tonight wielding that thing which is mightier … (Photo AFP).”


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