Herr threatens to form 3rd party if Jeb or Mitt get 2016 nod

By Lynn R. Mitchell Eric Herr FB screen shot 2

Eric Herr, who is Republican chairman of the 1st Congressional District, posted a threat to the GOP Wednesday on Facebook:

“If ‘Mitt’ or ‘Jeb’ is the nominee, I PROMISE to lead the fight for a VIABLE third Party in Virginia.”

Herr most recently had entered his name for the position of chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia until he bowed out in December. Reactions on Facebook were varied including this:

What the heck kind of names are ‘Jeb’ and ‘Mitt’? Of course I am the person who insisted America would never elect a President named Barack Hussein Obama!

To which another responded:

Recipe for GOP marginalization: 1) Focus on the name of the candidate, not the philosophies nor the principles of same; 2) Belittle ones own nominees to inflict sufficient harm our candidate during the general election; 3) Most importantly, waste time, talent, energy, imagination and opportunity by attacking the personality of our opponent in lieu of exposing the dangerously stupid ideology of our opponent. Voila! Dems dominate forever.

Update: Jim Hoeft has more (see RPV district chair threatens to form a third party).

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One thought on “Herr threatens to form 3rd party if Jeb or Mitt get 2016 nod

  1. […] It is interesting the first point of business for newly-appointed State Chairman John Whitbeck was the illegal removal of a district chair and, even though he was shown the error in the maneuvering, he refused to correct the issue. This occurred immediately after 1st Congressional District Chairman Eric Herr declared on Facebook that he promised to form a third party is either Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney won the 2016 Republican nomination for president (see Herr threatens to form 3rd party if Jeb or Mitt get 2016 nod). […]

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