RPV in Crisis: How is a chairman ‘non-functioning’ when he raises $10,000 for a bankrupt unit?

Republican elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Jon Berkley has served as chairman of the 5th Congressional District for less than a year. During that tumultuous time when he has continually been challenged and undermined by those who lost the election that put him in the position, he took a District with $45 in its account and over $800 in outstanding bills and, by holding fundraisers and working steadily the past nine months, now has $10,000 in the District’s checking account. But that’s not all he has accomplished.

On Saturday he was illegally removed by the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee by a secret vote.

Sunday night, Chairman Berkley posted on his Facebook page:

I would like to thank everyone who has called, texted, and emailed me today and last night with words of encouragement. Especially my wife Tiffany Berkley who always has my back. When I decided to run for Chairman of the 5th District Committee I had many things I wanted to get done. With the help of many great volunteers and Chairman we accomplished most of these goals.

We had a group of individuals that did everything possible to stop us from accomplishing these goals. The governing body of RPV, the SCC, has been taken over by an extremist group who are only concerned with power, not winning elections. Since they were elected, we have lost EVERY Statewide Election and RPV is broke.  [emphasis added]

[State Central’s vote to remove me came even] after raising our checking account from $45 with $800 worth of outstanding bills to having over $10,000 in our Checking account, giving Congressman Robert Hurt over 60% of the vote for the first time ever, and having more polls manned than any District in the state.

State Central voted to remove me from office just because the extremists have the numbers on SCC to ignore the Party Plan and do whatever they wish. I have had many people ask what I will do now. Well, to answer that question will take a little time. The only part I’m sure of is I will file a lawsuit against RPV and the SCC. I’m giving serious thought (with a lot of encouragement) to running for the Va. State Senate. Please keep me in your prayers as I have some serious decisions to make. God bless you all, God bless our great state of Va. and God bless America.

Interesting that often, when a door is closed, a window opens. Many thanks to Jon Berkley for his dedication to the Republican Party in Virginia and his District. More on this issue is developing….

See also Doom for Virginia Republicans by Bill Wheaton.

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3 thoughts on “RPV in Crisis: How is a chairman ‘non-functioning’ when he raises $10,000 for a bankrupt unit?

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