Political and media hypocrisy laced with hope

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel P. Cortez

After several bedridden weeks battling the flu and then watching the President’s State of the Union Address, I’ve realized Stafford voters need inoculation from Democratic political hypocrites and elitists’ moral turpitude. Fortunately, actions by former Governor George Allen and wife Susan provide hope for Virginia Republicans  struggling for unity.

Raising conservative angst was President Obama’s depiction of a booming jobs market in our record deficit economy and free community college at taxpayer expense. While socialistically invigorating to Democratic partisans, they remain troublesome to Republicans and Independents.

In an effort to bring fiscal reality to Obama’s rose-colored vision, the Allens met recently in Richmond with like-minded conservatives who vividly recall what he did as the Commonwealth’s 67th chief executive. That was a reminder of how his administration provided over 300 thousand net new private sector jobs in the midst of significant defense cutbacks.

Sadly, Republican political consensus remains a work in progress as divisive statements from Stafford’s GOP First District Chairman Eric Herr who, in tea party fashion, guarantees more liberal victory election days. He’s promising to lead a third party rather than support specific Republican presidential nominees. Allen and wife, teaming up with newly elected Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, are making the rounds reminding their base what wins for conservatives.

A supporter of competitively low taxes with business tax reform, Allen suggests what’s needed is “reining in regulations, productive energy policies, prompt permitting, high academic standards and accountability, safer communities, and promoting work ethic-welfare reform to create more good paying private sector jobs.”

Unfortunately, Allen’s proven message is not only at times obfuscated, but eliminated by hopeful future conservative office holders. This occurred during the recent flap over Fox News and the Dish Network. While fiscal greed was at the bottom of negotiations, conservative messengers like business entrepreneur Pete Snyder, a part time Fox contributor, were silenced. Rather difficult to promote a conservative message when Fox News removed programing on a major carrier like Dish.

Nevertheless, Snyder continues to attempt establishing himself as a Main Street Virginia conservative while pandering to the tea party wing of “fellowship conservatives.” Sadly, those tea party conservatives who demonstrated little fellowship or outreach for minorities and the State Central Committee, ousting former Congressman Eric Cantor in an off year election.

In reality, voters have little need of Snyder, Fox, or Dish for that matter when they acknowledge the power of immediate information via the web. Now visitations to the unbiased reporting of actual facts found at respected blog sites like LynnR.Mitchell.com are a must. Yes, I’m a partisan.

I also recognize attempted media manipulation and subjugation have made ambitious political newcomers like Snyder wealthy. But money is not enough to independent voters. Does he have demonstrated compassion like Allen for a future vote from veterans and grass roots folks? Common folks who independently utilize the web find judicious and depressing political facts.

Facts such Bob McDonnell mercifully being allowed to remain free while he faces appeal for his felony convictions. Or the debacle over Delegate Joe Morrissey, charged with alleged sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl who entered an Alford Plea and was found guilty of a misdemeanor. Like it or not, his constituents reelected him while he sits in jail for six months and has been indicted again.

Equally disgusting is Stafford Speaker Bill Howell’s attempt to disenfranchise Morrissey’s Democratic voters and have him removed.
But scanning the web you’ll find out how Howell has NO objection to a “Republican” convicted felon serving as the Aquia Supervisor. Moral omnipotence run amuck?

Then there’s the election of John Whitbeck, who initially defended telling a racial joke during the Ken Cuccinelli campaign and has replaced Pat Mullins as head of the state Republican Party. Sadly, Whitbeck will become a serious and justifiable political target by his arrogance. He does not need an apology tour but in his case, his half-hearted apology with no demonstrated contrition is no apology at all.

But all is not lost for conservatives attempting to reignite the fire that brought them unity and purpose in the 90s. Yes, let’s watch folks like Snyder politically mature and see how worthy he might be of all our future votes … or not. But unequivocally what can save conservatism in the Commonwealth are the revered opinions and compassionate views of George Allen and wife Susan with those committed to genuine outreach such as Comstock or First District Congressman Rob Wittman. Rallying the troops to get more grounded conservatives on the Republican State Central Committee is critical. Only then will they turn things around and not have to listen to the atmospherics of another Obama clone delivering a mendacious State of the Union Address.

So if Virginia’s Republicans ever hope to reoccupy the mansion or the White House again … they ought to listen.

Daniel Cortez, a distinguished Vietnam veteran and award winning writer-broadcaster, is active in veterans and political affairs with an independent voter perspective. He can be reached at dpcortez1969@yahoo.com.

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