Kasha Nielsen and Empower CRFV team sweep 2015-16 officer roles


Kasha Nielsen

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Meet the new Executive Board of Officers for the College Republican Federation of Virginia 2015-16:

Chairman: Kasha Nielsen (University of Virginia)

1st Vice Chairman: Devon Flynn (George Mason)


2nd Vice Chairman: Jake Lee (James Madison University)

Secretary: Nathan Ritchie (College of William and Mary)

Treasurer: Kim Gibbons (Va Tech)

Led by UVa junior Kasha Nielsen who won with a vote of 99-17, the entire CRFV team swept the election during their annual convention this weekend on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville. After months of hard work along with outgoing CR Chair Liz Minneman (UVa Class of 2014) and crisscrossing the Commonwealth visiting college campuses, they earned the endorsements of most CR chairs as well as YRs, activists, and elected officials.

The team campaigned under the banner “Empower CRFV” with a positive message from these young leaders who are the future of the Republican Party. With a pragmatic vision for strengthening the GOP, a plan of inclusiveness, and a desire to work hard to elect Republican candidates, they are shining examples of what hard work and perseverance can do to build the party.

On Friday, Team Empower CRFV said it best as they communicated with fellow college students:

It has been an incredible 3 months on the campaign trail. We have traveled to every corner of our Commonwealth sharing our vision for the future of the College Republican Federation of Virginia. From Roanoke to Fairfax to Newport News, we have joined our fellow College Republicans on their own campuses to discuss ways to spread our conservative principles in Virginia.

While some wish to stand on stage and speak at you, we always strive to speak with you. Empower CRFV understands what the Republican party needs today is more conversation about what brings us together.

Whether it’s through social media, over the phone, or in person, Team Empower CRFV is relentlessly focused on having conversations with you. In visiting College Republican leaders this past month and working for our Republican candidates in the special elections (there’s no pause in Virginia grassroots) we’ve illustrated the need for strong leadership that connects with you and delivers results. It’s not about the talk, it’s about action.

One size does not fit all colleges and universities. And that’s why we’ve engaged with so many of you. So whether you attend a four-year institution, a military academy, or a community college, we’ve been there with you.

We look forward to working with Kasha, Devon, Jake, Nathan, and Kim. Congratulations!

Update #1 — Kasha thanked everyone on her Facebook page for their support:

Such an honor to be elected the Chairwoman of the College Republican Federation of Virginia. This Party and Federation has always had my heart whether I was in Fairfax County with Northern Virginia Community College or here at the University of Virginia. I am so proud of our campaign and our ticket for staying positive and fighting hard for this organization. It is an honor to lead the CRFV and I look forward to continuing to unite this Party. ‪#‎whatwouldbarbaracomstockdo‬ ‪#‎hold‬

Liz Minneman, CRFV Chairman who stepped down from her role today, took to Facebook to congratulate the new leadership team and thank those who worked with her:

Today my chairmanship in the College Republican Federation Of Virginia came to a close, but there is no one better I could be passing the CRFV chairman gavel off to than Kasha Nielsen. She is the hardest working CR I know and her passion for this organization will help CRFV to flourish well into the future. Big congratulations to the rest of her Empower CRFV ticket on their win today: Devon Flynn Jake Lee Nathan Ritchie and Kim Gibbons! Finally, thank you to everyone who has supported me over these four years in Virginia politics. CRFV has brought me some incredible opportunities, great friends, and unforgettable memories. This organization and its people are close to my heart, and although I will be retiring from CRFV, I look forward to continuing to support the federation for years to come!

Update #2 – Coverage of the CRFV Convention by NBC-29 (video).

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