Birthdays, Bearing Drift, and friends

Flowers from Bill 2015By Lynn R. Mitchell

I cannot let my February 9th birthday slip too far past without thanking the many who left comments on Facebook, the kind remarks, the private messages, the flowers from SWAC Husband, lunch from SWAC Son, ceramic snowflake bowl from SWAC Daughter, phone calls, and the hard copy cards in snail mail.

I also wanted to thank Jim Hoeft, my old boss at Bearing Drift, for his kind remembrance of both Jim Bacon and myself (see Happy birthday, Lynn Mitchell and Jim Bacon):

Two of my favorite Virginia writers have their birthday today: Lynn Mitchell and Jim Bacon.

These two bring a wealth of ideas, generate conversation, and, most importantly, share with us their incredible talent.

The entire blogging community is better because of the gift they have given us of their time and candor.

Happy Birthday!

Jim Bacon is the author of Boomergeddon: How Runaway Deficits Will Bankrupt the Country and Ruin Retirement for Aging Baby Boomers — And What You Can Do About It, is a financial wizard and number cruncher, and I don’t even pretend to try and keep up with his journalistic skills. We are contemporaries in a world that is dominated by those young enough to be our children. He lives with his family in Richmond … I am originally from there.

Thanks, Jim Hoeft, and the whole Bearing Drift crew. You helped make it an even more extraordinary day. And so I begin my next trip around the sun….

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