‘Broken Together’ … finding hope and inspiration on Valentine’s Day

Kathy Walton LafonBy Kathy Walton Lafon
Guest Post

Broken Together: As I was delivering singing Valentines yesterday, I was traveling in Augusta County and flipping through radio stations. This song came on and as I listened, I decided I needed to pull off on the country road and really listen. I did … then I had a good cry, blew my nose, and went back to singing love songs.

This day is always a hard one when you don’t have a valentine. Then again, I believe when you are with the right person, every day could feel like a special day if you let it. This is such a beautiful, beautiful song … “maybe you and I were never meant to be complete, but could we just be broken together?” I know I’ll never be fully complete on this side of heaven, but I hope in time I will find someone willing to be broken together with me. There’s so much life to be lived.

In the meantime, I will stay busy singing for my love bird friends who remind me that there is love, and second chances.

Kathy Walton Lafon has been Director of  Music and Worship at Memorial Baptist Church in Staunton for the past 18 years. In her spare time, she delivers singing telegrams, acts in local musicals, and has taught piano to many. A music major at James Madison University, she was lead singer of the Rumours Band for almost 20 years and continues to be a favorite entertainer around the Shenandoah Valley. Kathy and her son live in Staunton.


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