Over a foot of snow in central Shenandoah Valley

By Lynn R. Mitchell


??????????The forecast said 4-8″ of snow possible in Augusta County and the central Shenandoah Valley. The snow started falling before 7:30 Saturday morning — big, heavy flakes blowing in sideways on the wind. The prettiest part of a snowstorm is being able to watch it during the day, and this storm ended up being so much more than we expected. By 3:30 there was over a foot and heavy snow was still falling, southwestern winds continued to blow, and the temp hovered in the upper teens and low 20s. It was the perfect snow day!

??????????The local weather forecaster was apologizing this afternoon because the 4-8″ ended up being at least 9-12″, but I left a comment on his blog telling him I loved the snow and that it was THE BIG ONE we had been waiting for this winter.

??????????The Winter Wine Festival was today at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in downtown Staunton, and I was supposed to join a group of friends for this annual event. However, since most of us live in the county and not in Staunton proper, there was no way to get in on the treacherous roads that had not been plowed. I’ve since heard it was a good event this year although there could not possibly have been as many people as they had last year when it was packed. It’s a good venue for area vineyards, craft breweries, and hard cider outlets.

??????????Blowing snow accumulated on the porch.

??????????The deck furniture had more than a foot of snow piled on it.

??????????Look at Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal on the picket points. Birds at the feeder were a source of entertainment all day.



??????????Virginia’s state bird.


??????????It was a good day.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
February 21, 2015

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One thought on “Over a foot of snow in central Shenandoah Valley

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