February 2015 — the BIG ONE: Augusta County buried under 18″ of snow

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Snow measuring stick 2015 stormFebruary 21, 2015 Augusta County snowstorm. Yep. It says 19″ of snow. This was THE BIG ONE we had been waiting for this winter. After a practically snowless December and January and beginning of February, two snows in one week including this one have left snow lovers satisfied.

??????????That’s 19″ of snow on top of the table and on the deck. Walking in the yard required slow, paced steps in almost-knee deep snow. This picture was taken before daybreak on Sunday, “the morning after.”

??????????Our neighbor Carolyn made her way by ATV to the paper box to retrieve her Staunton News-Leader. The driver stuffed them in blue plastic bags and tossed beside paper boxes because the boxes were not accessible because of mounds of snow. Kudos to the News Leader carrier!


??????????Neighbor Parmer cleared our driveway with his tractor Saturday during the storm and again Sunday morning to remove the additional 4-5″ that accumulated toward the end of the storm.

??????????A snowplow got stuck in front of our house so Parmer helped get him unstuck. Neighbors helping neighbors.

?????????? Carolyn coming to visit.

??????????Oops … my poor car! It was soon cleared by SWAC Husband.



??????????This little Honda has seen snow, snow, and more snow over the years. It’s a trooper.

??????????Walking through the deep snow was a slow process after stepping off the cleared driveway. That is a bench with snow completely covering the seat part.



??????????No sitting today on the garden bench.



??????????Snow on the roof of the storage building.

??????????The snow was too deep to open the gate more than just enough to squeeze through.


??????????Plowing and shoveling opened pathways to move around the house.

??????????Lots of snow on the roof.

??????????Front sidewalk cleared …



??????????The bird feeder is busy again today.

??????????This was truly the BIG ONE of 2015. Neighbors to the west of us had 20-24″ of snow but they were also digging out. One thing is for sure … no one sits around waiting to be helped. Everyone pitches in. It’s winter in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia….

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
February 22, 2015

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One thought on “February 2015 — the BIG ONE: Augusta County buried under 18″ of snow

  1. […] that dumped 18″ at my house and up to 24″ in other parts of Augusta County (see February 2015 — The BIG ONE: Augusta County buried under 18″ of snow). The temp outside is mid-30s and sunny and feels like spring. The forecast is for single digit […]

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