Comstock, Brat districts like apples and oranges

Barbara Comstock 3By Lynn R. Mitchell

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin has come out with his “Liberty Scores” on two members of Virginia’s congressional delegation (don’t bother to click on the links unless you want to sign up for the publication to see how he ranked candidates).

Interestingly, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, the only woman in the Virginia delegation, is under attack from not only Levin but others on the right after taking office in January and already being threatened with a primary opponent.


Because she is not walking lock-step with Mark Levin and like-thinkers.

Perhaps Mr. Levin should take into consideration the extreme differences in the districts these two represent.

Dave Brat’s 7th Congressional District is in a very red area of Virginia. Levin gave him a score of 100 percent.

Mrs. Comstock’s 10th Congressional District is considered a swing district in an area of Northern Virginia that is made up of more than 88,000 federal employees. Levin gave her a score of 50 percent, partly because of her vote on DHS funding:

The 10th District has over 88,000 federal employees, a large number of which are Defense/DHS employees, over 13,000 in the Fairfax portion of the district alone (source) — a number Congresswoman Comstock must keep in mind as she works to represent the district.

While Brat had minimal opposition in the the general election, Congresswoman Comstock pulled in bipartisan support to win by 17 points over the popular and well-funded Democratic opponent John Foust in the general election.

As with most “scores,” it is usually best to do a little research to better understand what criteria is used and to keep in mind who is pushing them.

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2 thoughts on “Comstock, Brat districts like apples and oranges

  1. With this same line of thinking, given that Rep. Goodlatte has the most Republican district in the state, you think he would be able to rate higher than 70%.

  2. Calvin Lucy says:

    You’ve got this pegged exactly right – more like Brussel Sprouts and Cherries!! Hope you sent this to Levin. YLSF

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