Hillary Clinton and her lack of ‘likeability’ factor is polar opposite of Bob McDonnell

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Monica Crowley has a piece over at The Washington Times about Hillary Clinton and email-gate (see The real reason Hillary is in trouble). In it, Crowley notes all the issues swirling about Hillary but boils her troubles down to one thing: “No one likes her.”

Crowley goes on to say:

This is the hard truth that has popped up like a vicious migraine: No one — not even many of her fellow Democrats and leftists in the mainstream media — likes her very much. Her negative poll numbers (particularly on issues of honesty and trustworthiness) have always been high, except during much of her tenure as secretary of state. But her negatives are now back with a vengeance.

And then there’s this:
Mrs. Clinton never had the patience to dress up the malevolent parts of her personality. It was a function of her narcissism and elitist mindset: She knows best, and the burden is on you to see it. She couldn’t be bothered with putting on a show.
Crowley then added:
Successful politicians work hard to build up reservoirs of goodwill — with their party, other branches of government, the media and the American people — so when the crud hits the fan (and it always does), they can tap into that goodwill to, they hope, carry them through the difficulties.
As an example of what happens when no one cares about the politician when he/she gets into trouble, Crowley recounts the dealings of Eliot Spitzer:

The implosion of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer should have served as a cautionary tale. When the self-proclaimed “[bleeping] steamroller” rolled into a prostitution scandal, he didn’t have a single defender. Why? No one likes an obnoxious, abusive jerk. Granted, he had won office, demonstrating that likeability is neither necessary nor sufficient to getting elected. But it’s indispensable when it all goes south.

While reading this I thought about former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and the many supporters who have stuck with him through his legal difficulties and now through his appeal. They knew him. They respected him. He respected them and it showed. Why would so many stick with the governor through accusations, indictment, trial, conviction, and appeal?

Not just because he was a nice, decent, honest, hard-working public servant to the people of the United States during his years in the military and the people of Virginia while in the General Assembly and as governor. Yes, it is all that, but more.

The latest example is the number of people who are publicly supporting Governor McDonnell as reported by Adam B. Lerner in Politico (see Strange bedfellows defend Bob McDonnell):

Signers of the briefs include a number of former government officials with skin in the game — 44 former state attorneys general (23 of whom are Democrats), two former U.S. attorneys general, attorneys for the past five presidents, and the Republican Governors Association — as well as conservative and liberal scholars united around a separate idea that states should be allowed to determine their own corruption laws.

Bob McDonnell is a genuinely likeable, gracious, caring, listening man. You reap what you sow. Treat people and friends as the treasures they are. Some will always betray but the genuine ones will be there when the chips are down.

Apparently Hillary is now reaping what she sowed.

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4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton and her lack of ‘likeability’ factor is polar opposite of Bob McDonnell

  1. James N. Bridgeman says:

    Yes! You have just said what I’ve always thought about the Clintons and Gov. McDonnell! Thank-you!

  2. C. Earl Jantzi says:

    The Clintons always try to “cut the corner of legality, thinking they are smarter than anyone else. Hopefully this time it will finally catch up with her. They give the term “shady lawyer” a bad name.

  3. […] As the appeals process works its way through the courts, the governor’s years of reaching out and working with others while making personal contacts has resulted in his continued support from thousands across the Commonwealth, a reflection of a man many respect and admire (see Hillary Clinton and her lack of ‘likability’ factor is polar opposite of Bob McDonnell): […]

  4. […] of a huge group of friends and colleagues in Virginia and beyond  who knew his character and stood by him the entire time. For him to acknowledge that to those friend and colleagues is just another reason […]

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