It’s not the 1990s anymore … 24/7 news cycle, the internet, and not controlling the narrative

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Jennifer Rubin’s “Right Turn” at the Washington Post nails Hillary Clinton’s uphill battle in the new media world (see Hillary Clinton can’t control her awful narrative):

There is something ironic about Hillary Clinton, whose fetish for control and secrecy is well known, going to the trouble of setting up an alternate e-mail system so that no one would find something incriminating that would set off a media firestorm. Didn’t work out so well, huh? We go on irony overload when she gives a news conference meant to “control the narrative” that explodes in her face, sending a million particles — tweets, blog posts, columns, radio spots, TV segments — cascading through the media, 99 percent of which were negative.

The internet and 24/7 news cycles today are far different than the 1990s when the Clintons were in the White House, a time when it was easier to control the narrative:

It is not the 1990s when you could sway and cajole a handful of broadcast networks, a few major newspapers and a couple of cable news networks still in their infancy. For Democrats especially, it was a breeze since such a high percentage of that community was sympathetic to your message and prepared to think and write the worst about the Republicans. Then everything changed. There are not enough flacks in the world, bloggers to be found, or social media hands to be enlisted that can control the media beast now. It has a life of its own that swells and turns in unexpected ways. Maybe you can tip the initial discussion one way or another, but sooner or later you lose control.

Nails it.



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