Brackets for 2016 political junkies

WaPo bracketsBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Since it’s March Madness and everyone is marking their brackets, the Washington Post’s Philip Bump with The Fix decided to post brackets for political junkies (see OK, fine: Here’s the 2016 election if it were an NCAA bracket).

My guy, Jeb Bush, is ranked #2 on the brackets versus #15 Chris Christie. That’s okay … #1 Scott Walker is enjoying his time in the sun before he’s knocked out by someone else, say, Marco Rubio who will then be knocked out by another. They will each enjoy their high times and their low times … so having Jeb Bush ranked #2 is fine.

Here’s what the WaPo wrote:

2-versus-15. Jeb Bush takes on Chris Christie. You might think that we’re ranking Christie — a governor who is not terribly popular in his home state, who still governs under a cloud from the bridge thing, and who has been awfully slow to get out of the gate on starting a presidential bid — fairly low here. You are welcome to think that. We also seeded him against Bush because they are natural opponents in the same general space, and Bush, by most visible measures, is crushing him.

With 14 GOP candidates listed, they have some interesting match-ups. Be sure to check out the funny, ahem, sad Democratic brackets.



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