It’s time to reinstate Pete Rose

Pete Rose

Pete Rose

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Yes, I’m old enough to remember when Pete Rose was suspended from baseball. It was 25 years ago. I’ve also watched sports figures practically thumb their noses at the rules in the years since for a number of infractions but none have been penalized like Pete Rose who was banned for life.

It’s time already. Reinstate him and then put him in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose is now 73 years old. He has, in my opinion, more than paid for his mistake. He has petitioned the new Major League Commissioner Rob Manfred to be reinstated (see ESPN’s Pete Rose petitions commissioner).

I’ve had this discussion with some who think Rose should remain banned because it was gambling that got him booted. Sorry. I see no difference — and probably less so — with that than with doping, drugs, rape, domestic abuse, and all the other shenanigans of professional athletes across the board.

In 2013 Berry Tramel opined that Rose’s indiscretion was no worse than others that have taken place (see Baseball: Which is worse, Pete Rose or doping?). That same year Bob Nightengale argued on Rose’s behalf in USA Today (see Pete Rose’s image boosted by PED scandal).

Back in the day Pete Rose was one of the hottest players out there. Twenty-five years of being shamed is enough. Reinstate.


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