Bob McDonnell’s appeal continues in the courts and with supporters

Bob McDonnell 14 wit Kurt

Dr. Kurt Michael, Governor Bob McDonnell at Executive Mansion, 2013. Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Posted yesterday on former Governor Bob McDonnell’s Facebook page:

Governor McDonnell’s attorneys are reviewing the Government’s filing and preparing his response.

In the meantime, Governor McDonnell remains buoyed by the unprecedented broad support his appeal has received from bipartisan state attorneys general who served in states stretching from Maine to Hawaii, bipartisan federal officials including White House counsels to every President since Ronald Reagan and two United States Attorneys General, nationally recognized law professors, including one of President Clinton’s most well-regarded district court appointees, bipartisan state and national legislators, the association that represents 31 sitting governors across the country, countless business leaders, the nation’s leading criminal defense lawyers association, as well as one of the country’s most prominent civil rights leaders.

Governor McDonnell further remains hopeful he will succeed in demonstrating on appeal that he never abused his office or committed any crime. He considered it an immense privilege to serve as governor and worked tirelessly with his team of public servants to improve the quality of Life in the Commonwealth. Governor McDonnell’s deep faith in God and the remarkable support of friends and family continue to sustain him during this appellate process.”

Earlier this month the Virginian Pilot reported that 44 former attorneys general backed McDonnell’s appeal, noting that they “support Mr. McDonnell’s appeal because his convictions represent a drastic, legislatively unsanctioned expansion of the federal police power, Basing federal criminal prosecutions on common political pleasantries would extend the federal government’s reach far too deeply into state political life” (see 44 former attorneys general back McDonnell appeal).

An overreaching federal government that prosecuted a very popular Republican governor who had not broken any state laws should be a concern to all within the Commonwealth especially those who declare their belief in the Constitution, limited government, and states rights.

McDonnell proved to be a bipartisan conservative leader, badly needed in this time of government gridlock, and that bipartisan outreach is seen in his support during the appeal:

Support for McDonnell came from Republicans and Democrats. A separate brief was to be filed by members of the Virginia General Assembly arguing that state – not federal – laws should have governed McDonnell’s actions in office, one local lawmaker said.

“There’s no doubt that the governor made some poor judgments, but a lot of us signed onto the brief with the argument that states have the right to produce their own laws,” said Del. Ron Villanueva, R-Virginia Beach. “And according to the state law, the governor did not break laws.” [emphasis added]

As the appeals process works its way through the courts, the governor’s years of reaching out and working with others while making personal contacts has resulted in his continued support from thousands across the Commonwealth, a reflection of a man many respect and admire (see Hillary Clinton and her lack of ‘likability’ factor is polar opposite of Bob McDonnell):

While reading this I thought about former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and the many supporters who have stuck with him through his legal difficulties and now through his appeal. They knew him. They respected him. He respected them and it showed. Why would so many stick with the governor through accusations, indictment, trial, conviction, and appeal?

Not just because he was a nice, decent, honest, hard-working public servant to the people of the United States during his years in the military and the people of Virginia while in the General Assembly and as governor. Yes, it is all that, but more.

Bob McDonnell is a genuinely likeable, gracious, caring, listening man. You reap what you sow. Treat people and friends as the treasures they are. Some will always betray but the genuine ones will be there when the chips are down.

That support also comes in financial assistance for the whopping legal bills piling up while McDonnell battles the federal government who is, by the way, using our tax money to prosecute our former governor for something that is not even illegal in our state. Think about that.

Restoration Fund is still taking donations for those who would like to financially help right a wrong:

“We believe that Bob McDonnell has complied with the laws of Virginia as they relate to financial disclosures. For a decades-long public servant like Governor McDonnell, the legal fees being incurred by the investigations spurred by the case against the former mansion chef could be ruinous. The Governor’s friends want to ensure that he can wage a vigorous defense and clear his good name. Bob McDonnell’s over four decades of public service to Virginia and the nation, in the U.S. Army, as a prosecutor, Delegate, Attorney General and as Governor has always been one of leadership and conviction.” — Virginia Beach Attorney Stan Baldwin.

Restoration Fund can accept contributions only from American citizens and corporations who are incorporated in the United States. If you would prefer to contribute by check, please visit this link:

There are many familiar names in the list of friends who have donated to the governor’s fund, some more than once. We are all looking forward to the day when Bob McDonnell is exonerated and able to pick up his life and move on. Let’s hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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3 thoughts on “Bob McDonnell’s appeal continues in the courts and with supporters

  1. James N. Bridgeman says:

    In today’s Progress-Index there is an article about the federal prosecutor’s filing in Bob McDonnell’s appeal. The filing compares Bob McDonnell’s actions to that of a Louisiana man who is serving 13 years for taking bribes in exchange for using his influence to broker business deals with government leaders in Africa. There may be some similarity concerning “official acts”, but that is where the similiarity ends. Jonnie Williams received no tangible benefit and provided no testimony whatsoever about “corrupt intent” on the part of Gov. McDonnell. Shouldn’t the focus be on “criminal acts”, not “official acts”? I wonder if the unbelievable amount of support for Gov. McDonnell could result in his running for political office again. He would be an awesome president!!!

  2. […] was obvious throughout the McDonnells’ ordeal that he never lost the support of a huge group of friends and colleagues in Virginia and beyond  who knew his character and […]

  3. […] was obvious throughout the McDonnells’ ordeal that he never lost the support of a huge group of friends and colleagues in Virginia and beyond  who knew his character and […]

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