Bush family fundraises for Jeb in Texas

Jeb Bush 20 George W, George HW

George H.W., George W., Jeb Bush

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Wow, to be part of the fundraising for Jeb Bush that will take place this week in Texas as the Bush family, friends, alumni, and colleagues gather in support of Jeb’s 2016 presidential anticipation. A guest list that includes some of the most recognizable names in Texas politics will be at the home of bank executive Gerald Ford and his wife Kelli (see George W. helping Jeb Bush’s PAC raise big money in Dallas):

The invitation, with the list of about 50 Texas supporters, indicates the millionaire-business class that have been big backers of establishment Republicans in Texas.

Among those joining the event are real estate developer Woody Hunt, oil man T. Boone Pickens, attorney Mike Boone, former U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans, former U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, former ambassador to Switzerland Pam Willeford, homebuilder David Weekley, former U.S. Rep. Tom Loeffler and beer distributor John Nau.

Some of the list, such as Nau and Weekley, also had been big donors to Perry as governor.

Listed on the invitation is special guests Jeb Bush “along with “President and Mrs. George W. Bush.”

With at least two events planned, it is definitely a family affair (see Jeb Bush fundraising a family affair):

The fundraisers mark a rare foray into politics for the two elder Bushes, who have largely stayed off the campaign trail in recent years.

Bush 41, as the family affectionately refers to him, has long been an icon in the GOP, so much so that the Republican National Committee raised money by selling H.W.-branded socks. But he’s not typically seen on the campaign trail, in part because of his age and fragile health.

Should be a fun week in Texas.

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