Catching up with long-time friend Bob McDonnell

By Trixie Averill
Guest Post

Bob McDonnell by Trixie 2Bob McDonnell and Trixie Averill

Bob McDonnell by Trixie

The highlight of my month was a surprise visit from Governor Bob McDonnell! He was driving through the Roanoke area Monday and decided to call and see if I could meet him for a milk shake. He looked great and it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up. For someone who has been to hell and back in the media, his outlook was sunny and he was in great form.

We chatted about life, reminisced about our many road trips together when I worked his campaigns, and really enjoyed spending that time together. He even said he missed my nagging him! Always well-grounded, Bob truly cares about people and still has a desire to help those less fortunate however he can … always the gentleman and the epitome of a good Christian. I am honored by his friendship and truly love this man.

Photos by Trixie Averill

Trixie with Bob McDTrixie Averill has been a long-time activist and volunteer for Republican candidates, serving for 16 years on RPV’s State Central Committee including as Western Vice Chairwoman, then as chairman of the 6th Congressional District, and Virginia State Director for Americans for Prosperity. Throughout the years she has worked numerous campaigns including George W. Bush, George Allen, Bob McDonnell, Jim Gilmore, and Bill Bolling. Currently the vice-chairman of the Roanoke County Republican Committee, Trixie is also serving her third term on the Virginia Tourism Corporation Board of Directors. A military mom, her son Marcus served four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan before returning to the Roanoke Valley. Trixie and husband Dan live in Roanoke County. They are the parents of two grown children, and enjoy their three grandchildren and two happy Westies.

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2 thoughts on “Catching up with long-time friend Bob McDonnell

  1. So glad to see Bob looking so good. I’m praying that the judge will listen to the dozens of barristers and business people who recognize this whole indictment charade as pure politics. His whole problem should be an object lesson for marrieds of all ages; trust is the keystone to a marriage.

  2. Lee Davis says:

    HI Trixie, the Governor looks rested. I, too, pray that the judge will listen to the dozen of barrristers and businessman who know Bob has been railroad. I, too, stand up for him and still believe in him. He was doing his job for the State of Virginia. It is unfortunate that his marriage partner did not understand the jeopardy she created. A mistake that cost the finest man I know, his future, and his family.

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