Corey Stewart … “I was wrong back then”

By Tito A. Munoz
Guest Post

“I was wrong back then with regard to the modification of the policy,” Stewart said acknowledging his opposition to the modification of his Illegal Immigration policy was a mistake. These were the words of Chairman Corey Stewart during the April 11th Republican Prince William County Chairman Candidate’s Debate (see video above).

I am sorry it took you this long to admit your mistake. Mr. Stewart, the damage is done and your actions had negative consequences to our Republican Party, to our county, and to our nation. You could have implemented the same 287G federal law without using it as a political tool in your race to keep the chairman position. The illegal immigration law as it was passed in 2007 was a racial profiling mistake.

At this debate, we can hear three very important explanations from Mr. Stewart. The first is he admitted his mistake of opposing the modification of the immigration law, which would have eliminated the profiling. The modification eventually passed in spite of his opposition. Second, Mr. Stewart admitted that insulting minorities is not good for our Republican Party as we try to attract more voters to win elections. I am glad he recognized this error and maybe some other candidates could understand the value of his acknowledgement and follow his advice. The third is he used the word “investment” as he spends our tax dollars. Unfortunately, he has a record of “investing” (spending) our tax monies to develop roads for his home developer friends.

I wrote about Mr. Stewart’s previous friends, The Hyenas of Prince William County. They are not happy now, as he finally admitted in public that his immigration policy was flawed and needed a correction. He is getting competition in this election, but as a sneaky politician, he is making the right calls and making the right promises to some elected officials to escape a possible loss. Stewart is predictable because he will do and say anything to win an election. Nothing has changed.

Tito MunozTito Munoz is a Republican business owner who lives with his wife in Prince William County, Virginia, and is familiar for passionately stating, “I was born in Colombia, but I was MADE in the USA!” He served as the 11th District representative on the VA Board of Housing and Community Development from 2010-2014, appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell.

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