Two-faced Stewart

Tito MunozBy Tito A. Munoz
Guest Post

The most predictable trait of Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart is his ability to do or say anything to win an election. He says one thing to some people, and says or does another thing among others. Stewart has primary opposition now and both of his faces are making grand appearances.

Corey Stewart

Stewart with one face miraculously admitted he was mistaken to oppose the changes on a Racial Profiling Law the county implemented in 2007. “I was wrong,” he said at a recent candidates’ debate. One week later the second face of Corey Stewart appeared when Stewart sent a flier to voters promoting his 2007 campaign against illegal immigrants as an accomplishment rather than a mistake. I received mine last Friday.

Two-faced Stewart also made a statement that the illegal immigrant kids “don’t cost the County a dime,” and he even called it a straw man issue in that same candidates’ debate. But, then we also have the Corey Stewart who said the opposite in a ABC-7 interview, expressing his concern that these kids would be a strain on the school system and possibly spread communicable disease.

Stewart is now campaigning on the County’s policy called 287g federal government cooperation plan against illegal immigration. Stating he is proud the 7,445 illegal aliens were handed over to ICE, he does not mention the cost to the County or the effectiveness of the policy. He acknowledges that some of those aliens were later released and have returned to the County as repeat offenders.

Stewart has now dropped the tag line about the Resolution he was so proud of, the 2007 Racial Profiling Law. Today he’s deceptively made changes in his speech, shifting his prime jewel “Rule of Law” policy to the more acceptable talking points of the federal 287g cooperation which excludes profiling. In Prince William County we have watched Corey Stewart for the last seven years as he locally and nationally pounded his chest, trumpeting the PWC illegal immigration resolution as his shining achievement. He’s changed his tune, not because he really believes he was wrong, but because he can’t sell that message anymore. The County demographics are changing rapidly and Stewart’s previous strong rhetoric is not appealing. Here you can access everything about the law, the changes, the studies and the cost (see Prince William County immigration info).

Here (see video above) is the real Corey Stewart talking about his Racial profiling Law. This is the Corey I know, the same Corey who campaigned for Lieutenant Governor in 2013.

Stewart’s 2007 Resolution was drafted by the Nativist organization FAIR, a group that is opposed to legal immigration as well. FAIR works to achieve zero population growth in the U.S.; they are environmentalist-backed, founded and funded by abortion supporters.

Many of Stewart’s minions who were instrumental in the Racial Profiling Resolution do not support Stewart now. They are upset because of taxes. Presumably, they did not care about taxes back then, when Stewart was a racial profiling illegal immigrant crusader. This election is getting more interesting as we see the Nativist FAIR-type supporters going after Stewart, while some of his supporters who still like him are carefully trying to dance on both sides of the spectrum. There are other supporters quietly making deals with Stewart for political gain.

I will be voting. I always vote. I vote Republican. It is better to vote for a Republican than for any Democrat. I hope my fellow Republicans will vote in this April 25th Firehouse Primary election. For the good of our county, our Party, and our country, we need to repair the damage done. We can only do that by voting.

See also from Tito Munoz: Corey Stewart … “I was wrong back then”.

Tito Munoz is a Republican business owner who lives with his wife in Prince William County, Virginia, and is familiar for passionately stating, “I was born in Colombia, but I was MADE in the USA!” He served as the 11th District representative on the VA Board of Housing and Community Development from 2010-2014, appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell.

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