Lexy and Justin tying the knot

Justin, Lexie 1

By Lynn R. Mitchell

In September Justin popped the question, and Lexy said yes. In a month they will marry, these two friends who will become man and wife. To be included in their nuptials is an honor.

When they became engaged in September, I wrote about the happy news (see Justin popped the question, Lexy said yes):

It’s not every day you see a headline that reads, “Blogger Gets Engaged,” but that’s the lead story by Justin Higgins over at his JHPolitics blog.

Two young people I’ve enjoyed working with in the political and blogging worlds became engaged today on the third anniversary of their time together. It was kind of interesting this morning when I saw Justin’s Facebook status noting, “Today marks 3 amazing years with the most incredible person I’ve ever met. Happy anniversary Lex!” The thought flitted through my mind at the time wondering if they would eventually get married.

Justin wrote on his blog, “It turns out that bloggers are people too, and the most amazing woman I’ve ever met chose to spend the rest of her life with a blogger. I share a great bit of my life through the pages of this site, so I would be remiss not to share this as well,” and posted a photo.

Justin’s timing was obviously thought out and from one of the pictures on Facebook it looks as if he got down on one knee and everything. A note with a puzzle motif background had a message that read, “Alexandria Rusnak, you were the missing piece in my life. Will you marry me? ~Justin”

Lexy posted on her Facebook page, “Of course I said yes!”

I’ve known Lexy longer than Justin from her years involved with the College Republicans when she was at Virginia Tech and we served together on RPV’s State Central Committee. We went through some battles and were allies through just about every issue. She is bubbly, friendly, has one of the brightest smiles I’ve seen, and stands up for her point of view. I appreciated her time on SCC.

Justin came on my radar during the 2012 George Allen campaign while I was still at Bearing Drift and kept hearing his name. He and I seem to have traveled similar political paths the past few years although we aren’t always on the same page. In June, we were side-by-side at the media table during the Republican State Convention in Roanoke. His friendly, outgoing personality and political knowledge were on display, and I was impressed with his running commentary as he live-streamed the proceedings that were unfolding around us.

The beauty of Facebook was on full display today as congratulatory greetings were posted by friends.

Congratulations to two young people who are hard workers, dedicated to their chosen professions, and who have a full life ahead of them as they walk life’s journey together. Here’s wishing them the best!

“How do you spell ‘love’?” asked Piglet.
“You don’t spell it … you feel it,” replied Pooh.

Justin, Lexie 2

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell

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