Guevara wins Sully primary, moves on to November

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel P. Cortez

John Guevara, the 15-year army veteran, IT professional, Home Owner Association president, former Boy Scout leader, and longtime Sully resident pulled out a squeaker of a primary election victory Saturday in Northern Virginia.

Guevara was supported by Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck who clearly is trying to revitalize Republicans, knows victories of substance will continue to elude them without a better connection to the minority community.  Now they have another one in Guevara, a legitimate proud American veteran businessman who happens to be of Hispanic descent.

The Fairfax contest indeed was about turnout and the two Republicans Guevara and Schoeneman brought out conservative heavyweights to attempt to sway the electorate.  Schoeneman was endorsed by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock who, making last minute robo calls, quite frankly infuriated Hispanic leaders who cried foul and suggested she should have remained unbiased until “after” the primary. To her credit, upon learning of Guevara’s victory, Comstock did call to congratulate Guevara, pledging her total support and releasing  the statement , “I hope you will join me supporting him as our Republican nominee for Sully District supervisor.  Onward to November!”

Guevara was endorsed by Anthony Bedell, former Chairman of Fairfax County Republican Committee, and Theresa Speake, a former Bush Presidential appointee who is the Chairwoman of the Hispanic Republican Council of Virginia and the Community Engagement Committee of the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC).  She said, “I look forward to having John actively engaged in the FCRC and supporting our Hispanic engagement efforts in the County and State to bring more Hispanics into the GOP.”

And frankly, that’s what Whitbeck and company hope to do with Guevara’s victory.

Former Governor George Allen wasted no time in congratulating Guevara by saying, “It is now time to UNIFY as a team with shared goals.  Indeed, people who want honest public servants who will set priorities, improve educational and job opportunities for all, and advocate spending reforms to avoid tax increases — should unite for John Guevara. Families, small businesses, and taxpayers in Fairfax County would benefit with John Guevara on the board working with Pat Herrity, John Cook, and other supervisors.”

In Allen’s comments about the election, he congratulated Guevara “on winning the spirited, closely contested intrasquad scrimmage/Republican nomination.”  But the real winner is Whitbeck and the Republican Party when young voting Hispanics in greater numbers see the attraction by such positive outreach.

Guevara, showing political maturity beyond his years, simply said, “Sully residents made it very clear, out of control taxes are hurting everyone. Indiscriminate tax increases in the past few years affect all residents, Democrats and Republican alike. I will continue to do what I did these last three months and listen to all of our residents to ensure that I give them the unprejudiced representation they need as their next Supervisor.”

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Daniel Cortez, a distinguished Vietnam veteran and award winning writer-broadcaster, is active in veterans and political affairs in Northern Virginia with an independent voter perspective. He can be reached at

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