Memorial Day 2009 … small town honors America’s fallen heroes as Food Lion pauses for moment of silence

Dan Pritchett

News Leader photo

By Lynn R. Mitchell

[Editor’s note: I originally wrote this in 2009 after I was in Mr. Pritchett’s grocery store at the national moment of silence and heard him on the store intercom with the message of silence. As he finishes out his last week at Staunton’s Coalter Street Food Lion before retiring, this is a special remembrance of a special man who made a difference in our community.]

Manager Dan Pritchett’s voice came over the intercom at Staunton’s Food Lion grocery store located on Coalter Street as he addressed employees and customers:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is Memorial Day and the store will shut down for the next 60 seconds as we observe a moment of silence in honor of America’s fallen heroes.”


Perhaps this is one of the things I love most about living in a small town.

It was 3:00 pm on Memorial Day … time for a national moment of silence. The cashiers stopped checking out customers … the Muzak was shut off … customers paused in the aisles … employees ceased working … the store was essentially shut down … and for the next 60 seconds everyone observed a moment of silence for America and our fallen military heroes.

Thank you, Mr. Pritchett.

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