Military officer loyalty, or betrayal?

Daniel Cortez 2By Daniel Cortez

I respect any military man or woman who has served, but as a combat veteran I find it reprehensible, politically opportunistic, and telling when a retired officer uses their rank or former position to attack the exact same administration it refused to criticize while “advancing” in senior rank commanding troops to their deaths.

General James Mattis could have resigned in protest and encouraged others to refute the actions and direction of the commander-in-chief which would have been a sign of moral leadership. But he refused. This is not support of the President’s foreign policy, but continued disappointment in senior officers who have breached their oath and demonstrate a sad lack of ethical standards. Expect the Mattis type to attempt to run for office, currying support of those who use service organizations and their meeting places to worship his retired rank which means little to the majority of enlisted they betrayed or Gold Star Mothers who weep.

See Gen. James Mattis’ Assessment of Obama: U.S. Suffering ‘Strategic Atrophy.’

Daniel Cortez, a distinguished Vietnam veteran and award winning writer-broadcaster, and is active in veterans and political affairs with an independent voter perspective. He can be reached at

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