Rolling Thunder rolled through Staunton

Rolling Thunder

Patriot Riders from D.C.’s Rolling Thunder.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

No, not the entire Rolling Thunder consisting of hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists. However, three Guardian Angels who had participated in Rolling Thunder in D.C. over the Memorial Day weekend stopped at Jake’s Convenience Store on Rt. 250 west of Staunton Monday, pulling in and parking beside us. They had stopped for Subway sandwiches, eating at the outside tables in the pleasant Shenandoah Valley breeze before resuming their journey.

I took the picture of their motorcycles and posted the following on my Facebook page:

ROLLING THUNDER: Just talked with these Rolling Thunder guys at Jake’s Convenience Store on Rt. 250 west of Staunton – all were Vietnam era vets – who had been in D.C. for Memorial Day and were heading home to California. My vet husband said to them and they back to him – they thanked each other for their service to America, something most Vietnam vets never heard when they returned home. Never again can Americans ignore the sacrifice of our military men and women….

Their journey will take them cross-country back to California but they told us it would be a scenic route and they would be taking their time. Safe travels!

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
May 25, 2015

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