The doctor, my mom, W, and Jeb!

Jeb 2016 logoBy Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s hot today in the Shenandoah Valley — 91 degrees at mid-afternoon — but while talking with my mom in early afternoon I sat on the front porch in the rocking chair getting caught up with her on all kinds of family news. As the warm breeze moved through the river birch leaves, I listened as Mom talked about a recent doctor appointment with a physician who has been one of her health care providers for many years.

Fifteen years ago she arrived at his office wearing a “George W. Bush for President 2000” pin on her shirt, probably not even realizing she had it because she wore it everywhere to show her support. The doctor, who has kind of a dry personality and is very low-key, never mentioned the button as their appointment progressed. As he examined Mom, he said, “Has there been any new pain there, and do you think he can win?” Just like that, just a question asking if she thought GWB could win tacked onto the end of his sentence.

And that was how the political divide was broached between them. It turned out he was solidly behind W but was not one to voice his political preferences except the fact that this little lady came in wearing her GWB pin and talking all about him.

Yesterday, reaching back to 2000, that same doctor in the midst of their appointment asked, “Do you think Jeb can win?” Turns out he and many of his colleagues are in Jeb’s corner.

That news made my day. Go, Jeb!

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