Pro-primary Bedford Republican responds to email from pro-convention Stearns

Dolores Switzer 2By Dolores Switzer
Guest Post

[Editor’s note: Christopher Stearns, who is chairman of the 3rd Congressional District and former leadership in the Libertarian Party, emailed Virginia Republicans encouraging them to write members of RPV’s State Central Committee to vote for a convention at Saturday’s meeting. He received the following response from Bedford County Republican Dolores Switzer who shared her response.]

I am sorry, Mr. Stearns, but I am tired of seeing the State Central Committee disenfranchise our military, elderly, those who cannot afford to travel to a convention, and for those that simply may be working or cannot conform to your way of thinking. I do not agree with a convention and until we can take those mentioned above into consideration, I will not be changing my mind.

Sir, for me this is personal.  My father was a war veteran with 30 years of service.  Needless to say, he was not someone who went to work Monday through Friday and came home every night.  By having a convention, those in our military are not included in the process.  I myself do not care if there is only one member serving in our military who takes advantage of the absentee ballot, it is well worth having a primary to give that man or woman the opportunity to cast their ballot. I have never been in their shoes to observe what it is like to see war, to live away from family day in and day out.  I am sure there are some on SCC who have been in those shoes.  I hope they will vote for a primary and think of their fellow soldiers.

My mother and my sister always voted in general elections, primaries, and special elections.  My sister could not travel because she worked periodically on Saturdays.  Mother was not able to drive to somewhere like a convention in her later years.  Sir, I hope and pray that, with you wanting a convention, you do not have family members who were dedicated to voting for Republicans but were excluded and denied a vote because of someone like you and those who want a convention.  Mother was 86 years old when she passed away and had voted in all elections after she was of age except the last one during her life time when she was ill and could not vote.

I have not even touched on the fact that the convention costs the party. A state party that is so far out of touch with keeping its spending within its own means is not the example that should be set.
I encourage everyone on SCC to take these points into consideration when voting on Saturday.  Each is elected by the people and committees in their districts.  I wonder how many have talked to anyone about their vote except those that they know see things their own way?  Stop being selfish about what each of you want and think about the citizens of the Commonwealth.
So I encourage you, Mr. Sterns, to vote for a primary!
Dolores Switzer, whose father served in World War II and the Korean War, lives in Bedford County with her Vietnam veteran husband. Active in Republican politics, she is past president and current treasurer of the Central Republican Women, current treasurer of Virginia Republican Women, former member of RPV’s State Central Committee, former Committee member of the 5th Congressional District, and currently a member of the Republican Party of Bedford.  Mom to two sons and a daughter-in-law, she is retired and now spends time enjoying family, politics, and reading.
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