Washington Examiner: The weak candidacies of Clinton, Trump

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The Washington Examiner, my old stomping grounds when they had a blogging team, took on the upcoming 2016 presidential election in their editorial on Friday (see Clinton is weak, and Trump is weaker). In looking at two presidential candidates, they noted a recent Quinnipiac University poll that did not bode well for Hillary Clinton:

Quinnipiac University this week released polls of three swing states that were critical in both of Obama’s electoral victories, Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia. In all three, Hillary Clinton trails Republicans Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. Take your pick, she loses. For that matter, so do her other Democratic rivals, Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

What’s more, Clinton, the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination at this point, already enjoys near-universal name recognition in all those states. In contrast to her competitors, voters have made their mind up about her, and her numbers don’t look good — 21 points net-negative favorability in Colorado, 23 net-negative in Iowa, and 9 in Virginia. Majorities have a negative perception of the former first lady.

They then turned their attention to the current shiny object in Republican presidential ranks:

There is an important lesson in these polls for conservatives as well. It has become the rage for a small yet significant minority of GOP primary voters to tell pollsters they are supporting Donald Trump, the bouffant billionaire who until five minutes ago was a big Democrat and took liberal positions, and who still is largely ignorant about political issues.

Perhaps these Republican voters are just trolling the pollsters. But these new state polls should serve as a reminder of just how absurd it would be to throw away a promising election cycle like this one, in which several top-shelf conservative candidates with at least some actual electoral appeal will also be on the ballot.

Set aside his ignorant bluster, the fact that he isn’t a conservative, and his recent slurs against Mexicans and prisoners of war. Trump also has the worst net-negative favorability of anyone running in those three states, except that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is slightly less popular in Colorado (30 points net-negative to Trump’s 27). A Trump nomination would guarantee a Clinton presidency, and a funeral for all conservative priorities in governance.

Wise words that will probably fall on deaf ears….

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2 thoughts on “Washington Examiner: The weak candidacies of Clinton, Trump

  1. Calvin Lucy says:

    Even if Trump doesn’t self-destruct, and/or go 3rd party, Cantor’s and the Va. governors’ last election prove that TURNOUT is the key. Cantor realized that, but too late. The task is to get republicans to vote, even if they don’t like their candidate. YLSF

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