10th Congressional District votes primary for Comstock

Barbara Comstock 6By Lynn R. Mitchell

Good news out of the 10th Congressional District for first term representative Republican Barbara Comstock who saw the committee vote for a primary. From Brian Schoeneman’s Facebook page:

Very pleased to see that the 10th District Congressional Committee voted in favor of a state-run Primary for Congresswoman Barbara Comstock‘s reelection bid next year. It was a tight vote 8-8 and broken by Chair Jo Thoburn’s tie breaking vote, but we owe the 10th CD committee thanks. And hopefully she will have no competition and we won’t have to worry about a primary at all. Looking forward to being able to cast my vote for her next year.

The Bull Elephant crowd had been threatening to make the Congresswoman run in a convention. With knives sharpened, they have been out for her since 30 seconds after she took office when she soundly beat out a Democrat for the open seat when Congressman Frank Wolf (R) retired.

Anti-Comstock BE blogger Jeanine Martin wrote after the meeting:

After weeks of hard lobbying, threats, and deals, Barbara Comstock gets her primary in 2016, before a very divided committee. Tonight the 10th district committee did as Barbara Comstock asked (demanded) and voted to give her a primary next year rather than a convention or a canvass.  The vote was a tie with Chairman Jo Thorburn breaking the tie with a vote for a primary.

No sour grapes there. Heh. She then went on to list those who voted for the primary which means, in Conservative Fellowship/Russ Moulton/Bull Elephant land that they must be purged from the party because they did not walk lock-step with those who wanted a convention. It’s all so ridiculous. Congresswoman Comstock represents Northern Virginia, not some deep red district.

Great news for the 10th Congressional District and Congresswoman Comstock who can continue the good work and representation of the people. And great news for the Republican Party of Virginia.

Update: Matt Hall has more at Bearing Drift.

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