Cool September day in Shenandoah Valley, Charlottesville

UVa 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s an overcast, cool mid-September day in the Shenandoah Valley — perfect for college football throughout America. While SWAC Niece, a second-year Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia, is at that game along with her parents and friends (game time was 3:30pm EDT; at half-time Virginia is leading Notre Dame, 14-12), two other games were on the horizon today.

Earlier SWAC Son-in-Law’s alma mater Florida State won their home game over South Florida, and Texas niece who is third year at the University of Michigan saw her Wolverines win over Oregon. So far, so good. Now we just have to get a win for UVa.

It was drizzly earlier this morning and the temp at mid-afternoon is a cool 70 degrees. Rain passed south of Charlottesville so it’s looking good for the game — overcast and cool. Almost exactly a year ago (September 6th), SWAC Niece’s dad and SWAC Husband went to the game in the blazing 95-degree heat while here in the Valley a thunderstorm roared through the area leaving down trees and debris in its wake (see Strong line of thunderstorms moves through Augusta County and Augusta County photos: Thunderstorm damage in our yard).

The cool breeze feels good coming in the open windows, falling leaves have covered the back yard, and the outdoorsy aromas smell good. I’m working at the laptop sitting in front of the television and enjoying all the orange every time they show the wide shots of the stadium.

Meanwhile, about 30 miles south of Cville, Lockn’ Music Festival continues its weekend of music, food, beer, and whatever else thousands of people come up with at an outdoor gathering in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains (see Virginia’s Lockn’ Festival begins Friday after rain delay).

Now to kick back and watch the rest of the game. Go, Hoos!

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