Von Furstenberg: Best-dressed at GOP debate was Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush 30 2nd debateBy Lynn R. Mitchell

It looks like Jeb Bush’s choice of a blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie caught the eye of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg who deemed him the best-dressed candidate at Wednesday’s debate (see Diane Von Furstenberg names Jeb Bush best dressed Republican candidate). When asked which of the eleven candidates stood out in her fashion eyes, she noted there was one clear winner, and that was Jeb. Add the American flag pin on the lapel and we have the making of the next president. Just sayin’.

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One thought on “Von Furstenberg: Best-dressed at GOP debate was Jeb Bush

  1. Eula Lucy says:

    Good for the nice public observation of JEB’S attire from one who knows! Diane von Furstenberg was a leader in the fashion world since the days when I tried to look fashionable. I loved her styles – just could not afford them! One thing is for sure: she still appreciates good style when she sees it!!! I also noticed how nice JEB looked and knew his Mom was proud of him … except, maybe, when he let her know he smoked marijuana 40 years ago. Now, we all know that such an admission would SURELY come as total shock for ALL OF THE MOTHERS OF BABY BOOMERS! QUICK! GET THE SMELLING SALTS READY FOR US !!! Love, Mom Sent

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