It’s gonna be Jim Webb

Jim WebbBy David Karaffa
Guest Post

Not a lot is known about Jim Webb outside the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, for Jim Webb this is the perfect time to run for president.

The first question that most readers are asking themselves is why not Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Vice President Joe Biden? Well, quite simply, Hillary Clinton’s numbers are falling to a self-proclaimed socialist. Her reaction and conduct about her personal emails, careless handling of classified communications, and overall attitude toward the press come across very badly and don’t play well for the general election. Bernie Sanders has actually done the most to excite the base. However, his views are way too left of center to attract enough support for the entire Democratic party, not to mention the general election. The Vice President is weighing whether or not he could handle the campaign since his son’s death. While I could never understand what he is going through as a father, I will say that the pressures don’t get any better once you are the nominee, much less the president. On top of that, the Vice President has made many gaffs over the years that will be drawn on to haunt him.

Democrats have the same problem that the Republicans have right now. There is no clear front-runner to unite the base.

Jim Webb is a Navy veteran, former United States Senator, and former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan. That resume alone is formidable when applying for the presidency. Jim Webb was a captain in the Navy, received the Navy Cross for heroism in Vietnam, the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts during his service in uniform. In Washington, he was staffed to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense under Reagan, and then as Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. After his service he was elected to the United States Senate from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The fact that Jim Webb is a Virginian is vital. The Commonwealth of Virginia has given eight presidents to the union, including Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. That is a rich heritage. Virginia is a huge battle ground state that has gone to the Democrats in the last two presidential election cycles. The Commonwealth is a must win for Democrats in the general election. Webb also has appeal across party lines. Many veterans will look at his record and vote for him. The left will like his progressive social stance, and vote for him. Web has the look and temperament of a commander-in-chief and, if he can keep his temper in check, the Democratic nomination is his to lose.

Jim Webb will make his move quickly after Clinton has lost her steam, Sanders has said something that causes the mainstream to no longer take him seriously, and Biden decides either not to run or is revisited by his past faults.

The real scare is for Republicans. Jim Webb could give the Republican nominee a very tough fight. Right now he is doing exactly what he should be doing … keeping his head down, talking to voters, and raising money.

David Karaffa is a former Augusta County Supervisor for the Beverley Manor District who now lives with his three daughters in Palm Coast, Florida.

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One thought on “It’s gonna be Jim Webb

  1. Calvin Lucy says:

    Like I said before, I hope the demo candidate isn’t Jim Webb!! He would be a tough choice for me to turn down. YLSF

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