A second sinkhole found along Augusta County road

VDOT truck 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

Five feet from the shoulder of Humbert Road off Battlefield Road in New Hope, VDOT workers found a sinkhole that is 10 feet in diameter and 22 feet deep that developed after the recent rains. The northeastern Augusta County location is the latest sinkhole after VDOT discovered one earlier in the month along I-81 near Greenville. The Greenville sinkhole appeared before last week’s intensive rains but the New Hope sinkhole was possibly a result of the rain event.

Brian Carlton with the News Virginian reported:

Commonwealth Excavating has been contracted to do the work, which involves fully excavating the sinkhole and then repairing it by filling in a rock and concrete mix, along with stone. That’s topped off with a clay and topsoil mix. After the work is done, the road will be repaved. Slack said that he couldn’t give a timeframe yet, as to when the work would be done.

“When you excavate a sinkhole, you have to keep digging until you hit solid rock,” [VDOT spokesman Ken] Slack said. “Until we finish excavating, there’s no point to try and fill up the hole. We’ll know more once the excavation is done.”

The Greenville sinkhole was scheduled for repair last week but was postponed until better weather.




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One thought on “A second sinkhole found along Augusta County road

  1. C.T. Lucy, Jr. says:

    With all the limestone caverns underground in that area, they may have to go a long way to hit “solid” rock!!

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