Donald Trump channels his inner Robin Williams from ‘Man of the Year’ movie

Robin Williams man of the year movieBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Have you ever watched the 2006 movie, “Man of the Year”? It starred Robin Williams who played a satirical host of a political talk show named Tom Dobbs who ran as a populist for President of the United States, and unexpectedly won.

Sound familiar? An entertainer running for president … imagine that.

We are now living the movie with the candidacy of Donald Trump who chose to run as a Republican instead of Independent, as Williams did in the movie. Both play to the populist crowd: immigration, anti-establishment, unscripted, his own man.

Both pull in big crowds by being irreverent and politically incorrect — the more outrageous their comments, the more the crowds love them. Trump slam a Vietnam prisoner of war — love! Makes demeaning comments against women — love! Slams a former (and very much loved by Republicans) war president who carried America through years of terrorism threats — love! Pursue lawsuits against those who cross him — love! Sue a little old lady whose dream home interfered with Trump’s Atlantic City casino — love! Call his opponents and others juvenile names — love! No substantial solutions to serious issues facing our country … doesn’t matter. Love!

Trump is the ultimate Teflon candidate. He says what they want to hear so that’s good enough for them.

If you haven’t seen “Man of the Year,” check it out on cable or rent it. You may be shocked at how similar this movie is to Trump’s current campaign. Spoiler alert: in the movie, Williams wins but soon after it is discovered that a computer glitch mistakenly awarded him the presidency, and then the movie takes a dark turn. But one line by Williams, after he admits to the world that he was not legally elected, stood out: “A jester doesn’t build a kingdom; he makes fun of the king.”

Yes, America, we are in the midst of a Robin Williams comedy. Who knows where it will end….

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