Virginians among Jeb Bush’s 228-member Hispanic Leadership Committee

Jeb Bush 22By Lynn R. Mitchell

Governor Jeb Bush continues to build a serious campaign by working with the Latino community and putting together a 228-member Hispanic Leadership Committee:

Among the assets that still make Jeb Bush a formidable general election candidate is his ease and connection with the Latino community, something that no other Republican brings to the table.

Illustrating that connection is the Bush campaign’s announcement on Thursday of his Hispanic leadership committee, consisting of 228 people spread out over 20 states, as well as in Puerto Rico.

“I’m honored to have these great Hispanic men and women join the fight for all American families, working to lower taxes and reduce regulations that make it harder for us to grow the economy and give people the opportunities they deserve,” said Bush in a prepared statement. “Together we will work to engage every Hispanic voter.”

Among those on the committee are 16 Virginians including John Andrews, Victor Cabral, Charles Cervantes, Linda Chavez, Deborah DeMoss Fonseca, Oscar Echevarria, Rene Fonseca, Yuri Mantilla, Ken Oliver-Mendez, Nina Oviedo, Charles “Carlos” Perez, Jason Poblete, Yleem Poblete, Isabel “Izzy” Santa, Theresa Speake, and Mauricio Tamargo.

Governor Bush currently enjoys a 43 percent approval rating from the Latino community while the current GOP front-runner in the race only has a 3 percent rating:

The leader in the GOP presidential sweepstakes at the moment, Trump, is loathed by Latinos nationally, not surprisingly after his comments back when he got into the race about undocumented immigrants being rapists. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll shows only 3 percent viewing him as “very positively,” with 72 percent viewing him negatively.

See the complete list here.

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