Chesterfield Republicans win big with 23 out of 24 elected offices

Chesterfield County Republican Committee 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

When Republicans achieve almost 100 percent success, that’s something to celebrate.

Members of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee (CCRC) are some of the most active in Virginia. When Terry McAuliffe declared he would win the Commonwealth for Hillary Clinton in 2016, CCRC decided to put a few road blocks in the way. As a result, they ended up painting the county deep Republican red by winning 23 of 24 offices, ranking Chesterfield as one of the most Republican locations in Virginia.

Not bad for a group of dedicated volunteers who started the 2015 campaign season by holding regular Sunday night coordination meetings, beginning in the spring, that brought together campaigns, candidates, and leaders.

Propelling election day with state senate candidate Glen Sturtevant, the Republican winners included all five school board seats, four of five supervisors, all Constitutional officers, five House of Delegate positions, two state senators — heck, they even won both Soil and Water Directors. In January when everyone takes office, all but one local elected official in Chesterfield will be Republican.

Chesterfield County Republican Committee 2It was an intentional campaign coordination of hard work and long hours, and everyone ran as a ticket. The committee contributed over $32,000 in cash to candidates, paid for 85,000 goldenrod sample ballots (28 versions due to all the overlapping districts), staffed 73 precincts, paid for 5,000 live GOTV calls, and bought ads in Spanish speaking newspapers and on Spanish speaking radio.

In addition, CCRC bought ticket signs for the polls that coordinated with the GOP ballots, and recruited hundreds of volunteers who covered festivals, parades, events, door-to-door, and especially the polls on election day.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without many hands and the leadership of Chairman Donald Williams, and when it was all said and done, he expressed gratitude in an email that obtained:

Subject: A personal note of heartfelt thanks……

Chesterfield Republican Ticket and Leadership:

Some random thoughts as the dust has settled….

I hope you have all had time to rest a bit … and get back into the swing of “normality” today. The day after a big election is different. It’s sort of like the day after you come back from vacation — with freshly minted memories. And while looking back is fun … the reality of what lies ahead becomes reality.

Tomorrow’s reality is a solid future for the people of Chesterfield. The reality is the people have chosen the Chesterfield Republican Ticket to guide their future. Yes, our friends and neighbors have overwhelmingly chosen you to be our leaders. Congratulations.

First, I want to recognize a man who stood tallest among the tall this year. Like you, I am saddened by the results in the Dale supervisor’s race. Cliff Bickford ran a campaign that was the envy of all of us. Cliff worked hard in a race that he knew was an uphill climb. He mastered the issues, he fine-tuned his message — he developed solutions for his Dale neighbors and those beyond “the borders.” Cliff Bickford is a thoughtful and principled Leader — and the people of Dale need his leadership. The call will come. And when it does, Cliff — please be there to answer it, and we will march with you. Please join me in a tribute to a great candidate and good man, Cliff Bickford.

In every corner of Chesterfield, voters came to the polls yesterday in surprising numbers to select 24 office holders to lead our County and the Commonwealth. I believe they came because our Chesterfield Republican Ticket shares their values and vision for the future. Each of you — our candidates — responded with messages that made us proud. As you knocked on doors, held events, met your neighbors and represented the best of our Party, we stood with you, every day. It’s what we do. We are the CCRC.

Today, I have had people from across Virginia ask … “how did it happen?” I have told them — it didn’t “just happen.” It happened because we began this march together as a Team. A Team with a common goal … to prepare in every way to win. And we did just that.

Yes, our Chesterfield Republican Ticket members worked together — intentionally — coordinating their campaigns. As the Chesterfield Coordinated Campaign, the “whole was greater than the sum of the parts.”

Politics is a Team Sport … and our Team plays to win.

Simply put — our model of coordination is the “Way to Win” in Virginia. It is our job to export our approach to other localities and spread our message of commitment to intentional coordination.

The CCRC is pleased to have provided coordinated organizational support for our ticket members’ core campaign activities. Such contributions as volunteer recruitment, door knockers, 85,000 sample ballots, hundreds of CCRC-generated poll workers, live GOTV calls, ticket signs, Spanish speaking newspaper ads, Spanish speaking radio ads … along with over $32,000 direct candidate cash contributions … all helped to build successful campaigns and bring our Republican neighbors to the Polls.

And that is how we win. Collaborative. Coordinated. Relentless. Committed.

There is much more to say … and there will be other venues to say it. But, before the hours turn into days, I wanted to offer my sincere appreciation to each of our candidates and their families … and to every one of our CCRC leaders, members, and volunteers who worked so hard to produce such remarkable results.

Thank you. And now … on to 2016.



That’s the GOP team spirit, thanks to the Chesterfield Republican committee. Congratulations on being a red road block to the Democrats.

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One thought on “Chesterfield Republicans win big with 23 out of 24 elected offices

  1. James N. Bridgeman says:

    Congratulations on your success! I wholeheartedly support your efforts! One note: I think your count should have been 24 of 26 with the 26th being Senator Roslyn Dance. Although she runs as a Democrat, when she is in the General Assembly she works for what is best for all! She is a lawmaker, not a politician. I live in Chesterfield in Senator Dance’s district and I am proud to be able to vote for her. She is a real benefit to the community and to the state!

    James N. Bridgeman

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