Jim Gilmore responds to Paris terrorism attacks

Jim Gilmore 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

In the aftermath of Friday night’s terrorism attacks in Paris, America has responded. One of those was former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore who understand terrorism and the dangers facing the world in a way others do not. Here are his remarks following the attacks:

Paris is presently under a major terrorist attack. Reports are coming in of many deaths, and even a major hostage situation. This follows last year’s terrible attack on the French newspaper “Charlie Hebdo.” Major explosions occurred in Beirut, Lebanon, yesterday.

No country will lead on its own without the U.S. showing the way.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and their sycophants do not understand and will never understand this enemy. The civilized world is at war with radical Islam and it will only end with their defeat — or ours. There is no middle ground to be had. Trying to make them like us is not an acceptable strategy, or a winning one. Like any tyrant, this enemy does not respect or fear weakness and we have given them more than enough of that these last seven years. This will only end when we exact justice on this enemy. And by justice, I mean kill them. They will not wait to kill us.

We are in a major international guerrilla war, and more attacks are coming. The Western order of democracy and liberty is under assault, and must be defended.

Weakness breeds attacks. President Obama has followed a “pull back” policy for years. We cannot run from the savage assaults of these barbarians. Americans must be prepared to stand strong, and to stand by our allies in the conflict ahead.”

Governor Gilmore was the Chairman of the Advisory Panel on Terrorism and Homeland Security for the United States from 1999 to 2003. He is a veteran of the U.S. Military Intelligence, and was stationed in Europe from 1971-l974. The “Gilmore Commission” is the authoritative voice on preparation of the United States for the terrorist conflict.

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