Multiple terrorism attacks hit Paris … dozens reportedly dead

By Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s a sad night in Paris as terrorists hit four locations killing dozens, injuring dozens more, and 100 held hostage. France is under a state of emergency — the military controls the streets. The borders are closed, police can enter private homes without warrants, they can close down the subway system, and whatever they deem necessary to keep France safe. All are on alert in the event more attacks come later tonight.

Just before 11pm Paris time, 4pm East Coast time, a rock concert, soccer stadium, shopping mall, and restaurant were attacked by gunmen and explosions. The head of France was at the soccer stadium but safely escaped. The borders have been closed; a search is on for the terrorists who escaped.

Fox News Channel reporter Geraldo Rivera’s 21-year-old daughter was at the soccer match but escaped outside and was trying to make her way home along the streets.

The hostages at the rock concert are now reportedly being executed one-by-one with the sound of gunfire heard live on French television.

Reuters is reporting five explosions have now been heard near the concert hall. Paris is under curfew for the first time since 1944 at the height of World War II.

Paris is under siege … pray for the people of France tonight.

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