The back roads and November vistas of western Virginia

By Lynn R. Mitchell

2While traveling the back roads from Blacksburg home to Augusta County, the winter woods opened vistas of the fields and mountains of western Virginia as we traveled through Montgomery, Giles, Craig, Botetourt, Allegheny, Bath, and finally Augusta. In Giles County, we stopped to check out this covered bridge located within a mile of Rt. 42 at Newport.

1Rivers and creeks were at full bank after heavy rain earlier in the week.

3In Craig County turkeys were gleaning a freshly-harvested corn field. There were two dozen of the plump hens stuffing themselves, probably unaware of the holiday coming up this week.

4Be safe out there, girls.

5The Route 42 overlook showcases the little town of New Castle and surrounding mountains.

6Longhorns. We stopped to get a photo and they never moved from where they were resting in the field. A heavy board fence was topped with two strands of electrical wire.

7Craig Creek was as wide as a river in most places and at full bank. There were some side roads where travelers had to ford the creek but the high waters probably prevented that this week.

8Dilapidated buildings along the roadways have a story to tell. The old wooden walls, stone foundations, and rusty tin roofs remind of those who came before us, who built these structures and worked the land, who lived and died on these farms and parcels of land. If only the old buildings could talk….

9I can imagine cold winter winds blowing across this field, snow sifting through cracks in the walls, frozen water troughs, feeding livestock with cold, stiff fingers … children bundled against the cold. And in summer the hot humid days were inviting to black snakes, mice, flies, and mosquitoes in the barn and house. Strong hard-working people making their way in a hard life….

10Bath County modern day farm …

11… and neighbor.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
November 22, 2015

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