CRs plan to protest Obama administration forcing George Mason to close town hall to public

By Lynn R. Mitchell

George Mason College Republican President Devon Flynn is inviting others to stand with the CRs Thursday night in their protest outside President Barack Obama’s closed, invitation-only town hall meeting at the university, as noted in an article in the Campus Reform:

“This is to tell President Obama to stop playing partisan politics and to actually work together,” Flynn said in regards to the protest. “He says one thing and does the complete opposite.”

The President will be joined by CNN’s Anderson Cooper at the 7:00pm town hall to discuss Obama’s latest push for more gun control.  College Republicans plan to meet at 6:00 at Johnson Center to protest.

While most events of this nature are open to college students and the public when held on university campuses, George Mason’s vice president of communications and marketing sent a blast email notifying that the event will not be open to the public. The Campus Reform article noted:

“This is an invitation-only event. No tickets are available,” Vice President of Communications and Marketing Renell Wynn wrote in a campus-wide email. “The event is not open to the public.”

Devon, who also serves as 1st Vice Chairman of the College Republican Federation of Virginia, organized the protest in the belief that all sides of the issue should be heard:

“Obama said this was a town hall to address questions that many Americans want answers to, not just a bunch of gun control advocates agreeing with president Obama. This should be about hearing everyone’s opinion and having to answer tough questions from all sides,” Flynn said.

Flynn also mentioned that Obama called for bipartisan cooperation during his speech on Tuesday but is now closing his doors on many students and citizens who hoped to attend.

“During his speech he talked about bipartisan support, and having everyone come together to fix the problem so why would he hand pick attendees?” Flynn added.

The protest, according to Flynn, was organized after he called his school to request tickets to the event but was turned away.

“When I first heard about the town hall the first thing I thought to do was to call the school to see how to get tickets, but when I called I was told that it is closed to the public and is selected from the White House and CNN,” Flynn stated.

For those who want to join the protest, it will be at the Johnson Center, 6:00pm, at George Mason University.

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