Does America really want Trump’s arrogance and anger?

GOP elephants fightingBy Lynn R. Mitchell
I posted on Facebook the link to my post about Donald Trump written in August 2015 (see Kids get time-out for conduct Trump thinks will win him the White House). The only thing that has changed in the six months since then is that Trump’s behavior has become even more brazen, rude, crude, and bullying only to see his poll numbers rise as he continues to be revered by his followers who don’t care what he says or does.
A Trump supporter left a comment:
Granted I’d agree with Trump’s arrogance – even though I do support Trump because he says things as they are. But, what do you think the root cause is of why Bush’s running has failed to catch fire? Is the problem coming from within, or do you think that America has grown tired of neoconservatism and instead favor paleoconservatism? I see Jeb being too much alike the ilk of McCain and McConnell – they seem to be too politically correct.
An anti-Trump supporter responded, “He says things as they are” – God, I hope not – I don’t recognize an America that vapid and ignorant.”
Here is my response to the Trump supporter’s comment:

If I’m to believe those who support Trump, they are ANGRY. And they want someone who expresses that ANGER. And they have chosen to follow someone who is rude, crude, a bully, arrogant, and belittling. He is everything I was taught as a child — and passed along to my children — not to be. But his supporters don’t care what he says because they think he will be able to get something done in D.C.

Jeb Bush and others represent a measured leadership style which means diplomacy when dealing with issues at home as well as abroad. Yelling and saying whatever comes out of your mouth sounds great for venting. It is not great for leadership. It sounds, well, unhinged.

I do not want someone of Trump’s arrogance representing me to the world. Actually, what I see with the Trump supporters (who basically say “I see/hear nothing” of his behavior) is exactly the same thing I saw in 2008 with Obama. Democrats were so ready for a change from George W that they showed up in huge numbers to Obama’s rallies (and some swooned). They didn’t care that he had little governing experience … and we see where that has led us.

I honestly do not understand how down-right good people I know can support a man with Trump’s lack of character.

One thing I (and many others) have always admired about the Bush family is their class. They respect people and most especially our military. When did civility go out of style? They are not a “my-way-or-the-highway” mentality.

To lead, we must sometimes compromise. Trump is presenting the politics of division, fear, and saying he needs to make America great again. To me, America has always been great. We have bumps in the road along the way but we have never lost our greatness. He doesn’t present optimism. He represents every fear people have about everything. It’s unbelievable and sad to watch as a mob mentality appears to take hold.

But go beyond that and listen to his answers about how to handle the urgent issues of the day. Read his responses — it shows up better. He repeats a few sentences over and over. He’s going to make it great. It’s going to be wonderful. We’re going to love it. He never gets into details. How are we going to accomplish the laundry list of issues he claims he will “fix”? We don’t know because he’s too busy bragging about himself, belittling another candidate, and bashing a war hero or women he doesn’t agree with.

Take for example his answer at the last debate to put a 40 percent tariff on Chinese goods. The other candidates immediately pointed out that such a proposal would cost Americans in higher prices and lost trade.

Meanwhile, Bush has a proven record from eight years as governor in Florida, and has a long list of policy answers to the issues we are facing. But Trump supporters don’t care because he’s not ANGRY. Apparently, we must be loud, rude, and ANGRY to get our point across.

I’m also concerned about Trump connections and money, and how they are playing into his campaign. How many are getting paid in some way to promote him? Are the Trump trolls on social media paid? Where is that money going that we don’t know about?

Anger? Thanks, but no thanks. America, to me, is still the shining city on the hill full of optimists and hard-working good people. Yet one segment of the population is supporting a man who plays on their worst fears instead of offering the positive vision of the past.

And this is a tiny portion of what I could write about my concerns with Donald J. Trump.

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